Honshu Historic Forge Single-Hand Sword


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BUDK.com has replica Historical Swords from many different periods of time including United States military swords, Medieval swords and Roman swords. Our war swords cover military and cavalry sabers to emperor katanas and more. Our Medieval replicas include Crusader and Celtic styles, as well as, Middle Ages broadsword replicas, while our Roman swords concentrate on Gladiator replicas that come in functional, practice and display styles. Each has been meticulously reproduced with quality materials to match its historical counterpart. We know our historical collectors will be supremely satisfied with the authenticity and detail of our historical swords.


  • What type of historical swords do you have in stock?
    Our enormous collection of historical swords includes swords from Medieval times, Roman reproductions and war swords from various eras.
  • Do you have any ceremonial swords?
    We do have some USMC ceremonial swords along with other ornate military swords suitable for presentation.
  • What is a Seax?
    A Seax is a short sword, knife or dagger that was used by Germanic peoples of the Early Middle Ages, specifically, the Saxons. It is characterized as having a large single-edge blade with a tang covered by a wooden or horn hilt.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Dresden

    What a massive hunk of steel! Not sharp at all but it doesn't need to be, I would consider it more of a bludgeoning/piercing weapon than a slashing weapon because of the weight and it comes to a nice point. Enough handle on it to be used two-handed if you have sm/med hands. I'm sure you could probably put a better edge on it with a machine wheeled grinder. I also bought the scabbard for it which I also recommend/suggest.

    Review of: 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword
  • Rob

    I bought these Gladiator swords over a year ago and are still excellent practice swords. I sharpened the blades with a course file to get an edge, then finished with a sharpening stone. They are razor sharp now!! I don't know why everyone thinks the handle, pommel and guard are plastic? They are all metal!! NOT PLASTIC!!! If u take a nail or something sharp and try to scratch the parts that u think are plastic you will find very quickly that they are not!! After tightening the grip and blade and adding tennis racquet grip tape to the handle, they are now ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE READY!!

    Review of: Gladiator Warrior Twin Sword Set
  • Gary

    Very impressed with the quality of the sword. Great addition to my collection

    Review of: Roman Gladius Sword
  • William

    Loved the sword overall it was excellent, the issue I have is with the scabberd, which does't seem to me to be sturdy enough to carry in such situations eg. War Reenacatments or Renaicence gatherings. But overall an outstanding value.

    Review of: William Wallace Sword
  • Rob

    I really do love this sword, but people are complaining about it breaking when trying to do stuff it isn't made for (like splitting logs.) But I hung this sword up and a knife, that isn't currently made anymore, side by side and people were amazed to see how great this sword felt and looked.

    Review of: Classic Cavalry Saber Sword