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The Ultimate Survival Knives Selection

A survival knife is the most important piece of gear in any outdoorsman’s backpack or in a bugout bag. It needs to be able to handle whatever cutting or chopping task you throw at it and it needs to have a comfortable, slip-free grip. Here at BUDK.com we take this seriously, so we offer a wide variety of survival knives that you can count on in a critical or life-threatening situation. Many or our knives include a survival kit in the handle and an integrated fire striker.

Top Customer Reviews

  • AP Trail Hiker (Baton Rouge, LA) - I'm ready for anything now!

    I've just returned from a 4 month trek on the Appalachian Trail and I carried the Amazon Jungle Survivor with me the entire trip! I replaced the survival items along the way as I used them up, but this knife is incredible. I used it to split logs for firewood, cut rope, clean fish and a ton of other tasks. I wrapped the sheath in 550-paracord which seemed to hold it together better since it wasn't the highest quality sheath. But, it's still a great survival knife for a ridiculously low price, thanks BUDK!

    Review of: Amazon Jungle Survival Knife

  • Gunny (Grand Blanc, MI) - Outstanding Survival Knife

    I’ve been an avid collector of knives for 13 years and let me just say- I was thrilled from the moment I pulled this one from the box. Very well built and solid feel to it, I can’t wait to take it out for further testing to see what it can handle.

    Review of: United Cutlery S.O.A. One Shot One Kill Survival Knife

  • Jhon (Overland Park, KS) - Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

    Had this knife for a while know and it will just not give up I cannot say anything bad one of my best survival knives

    Review of: Schrade Frontier Extreme Survival Full Tang Knife

  • Jason (Durham, NC) - Awesome Knife

    I bought the Alaskan Survival Knife from Hibben and it is beautiful. Mine came with a sharp edge already, I only applied minor sharpening to make razor sharp. Sturdy, comfortable grip. Beautiful handle. I have not had a chance to field test yet but from playing with it in my garage it gets my approval for sure. I know this is a bit much but i feel like I could kill a grizzly with this knife. I’m sure I can’t but thats probably my lack of skill and not the knife’s awesomeness.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Alaskan Survival Knife with Sheath

  • Jared Lindsay (Lakeport, CA) - Awesome

    This is the best Survival knife I have come across...I am an avid knife collector...I have many knifes and I think this is my favorite one of all...I would say its a must have for hunting trips and camping/backpacking...if you want a knife to depend on..this is it!!!

    Review of: Bushmaster Survival Knife