BudK has a wide variety of apparel for almost any situation or environment. We carry facemasks, protective goggles, tactical wear and watches.

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BUDK.com knows how important it is to be wearing the right apparel and gear in every situation so, we maintain a large selection of Tactical Gear and Apparel items to choose from and all at reasonable prices! We have the right attire for any occasion or environment and for any situation or season. Whether you’re looking for gear like tactical gloves, belts and vests or everyday wear like military watches, sunglasses and hats, we have an assortment of products that will meet your needs. Dress from head to toe in tough tactical gear, stealth apparel, or add some great-looking clothes and accessories to your closet. Backed by BUDK.com’s iron-clad 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, each product is of the highest quality and made from premium materials.


  • What kind of apparel do you carry?
    We carry a wide variety of apparel including hats, watches, sunglasses and goggles, cold weather and tactical wear.
  • What brands of sunglasses do you carry?
    Our sunglasses and goggles are some of the highest quality and most stylish brands on the market today. We carry popular brands like Eagle Eyes, Global Vision and Smith & Wesson.
  • What type of tactical wear do you have?
    Our tough, tactical wear includes bullet proof vests and panels, tactical vests, helmets, tactical belts and gloves.
  • Do you have my size?
    For our shirts and pants, we carry sizes large through 2XL and for the majority of our other apparel, one size fits all.
  • Can I find a quality watch for everyday wear and outdoor activities on your website?
    Yes, we carry popular, exceptional watches like the Casio G-Shock and rugged tactical watches from Smith & Wesson and M48.