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Top-notch sharpeners at top-notch prices.

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  • Do I really need a sharpener if you’re knives come “razor-sharp” already?
    With use, no knife will stay razor-sharp forever. To keep it performing efficiently, you need to take care of it by regularly cleaning and sharpening the blade.
  • What’s the best kind of sharpener to use on a kitchen knife?
    Really any of our sharpeners can be used on the blade of a kitchen knife. However, the larger table-top sharpeners, either a pull-through model or a sharpening stone with a stand, works the best for fixed blades.
  • Do I need to use oil on a sharpening stone?
    Sharpening stones are divided into two categories – oil stones and water stones. You can actually use both water and oil on an oil stone, but you will absolutely ruin a water stone if you use anything other than water on it. So make sure which one you’re buying.
  • What is used in sharpeners to sharpen the blade?
    Most sharpeners will use ceramic rods for finely honing sharp blades and tungsten carbide metal inserts for sharpening dull blades. You’ll also find diamond-coated rods and plates.