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Gil Hibben And Paul Ehlers Collaboration Thor’s Sickle Ulu


Our stunning selection of Ulu knives.

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BudK offers a variety of high-quality Ulu Knives perfect for your kitchen or your campsite. Used since ancient times, the ulu knife makes cutting more efficient because of the rocking motion that both slices and holds the food in place, when using. If you don’t own an ulu, you’re seriously missing an important and effective tool in your kitchen.


  • What’s an ulu knife?
    The ulu knife has a long history, starting with the Inuit, Yupik and Aleut people in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. It was an all-purpose knife used for day-to-day tasks like skinning and cleaning animals, cutting food, trimming blocks of ice, as a weapon, and even cutting a child’s hair.
  • What are the characteristics of an ulu knife?
    The ulu has a curved blade, attached to a push handle, which allows a rocking motion to be used when cutting, so that whatever is being cut is pinned down, making it easy to use one-handed.
  • What do you use an ulu knife for?
    The unique design of the ulu makes it a great chopping and dicing knife from the kitchen to the camp-site. Use it just one time and you won’t want to use anything else, especially, when it comes to chopping onions or slicing meat like brisket.