The Enforcer Tactical Gauntlet


Functional or fantasy, BudK has an impressive inventory of a variety of weaponry. Take a look at our blowguns, ninja weapons, spears and Medieval weapons.

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Our massive selection of Weaponry is impressive to say the very least! When you need an accessory for cosplay, a prop for a theatrical production or an awesome collectible or functional weapon, is your one-stop-shop! We have everything from Ninja Weapons and Medieval Armor to Spears and Blowguns – all at prices that are completely affordable. You won’t find the sheer size or exceptional quality of weapons inventory that stocks anywhere else on the market! Only premium materials were used in crafting each of these weapons, offering you a standard of excellence that is completely unrivaled. Choose from a collection of inventory which includes Ninja stars, Medieval maces, fighting sticks, helmets, gauntlets and tri-edged spears. Every product is backed by’s iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee!


  • What kind of weapons are in this category?
    Here you’ll find a broad spectrum of weapons including spears, fighting staffs, maces, Ninja weapons and throwing stars, blowguns and Medieval weapons.
  • What can I use the weapons, here, for?
    When you need an accessory for cosplay, a prop for a theatrical production or and awesome collectible, we have exactly what you need. We also have functional weapons that can be used for self-defense, tactical missions and even hunting.
  • Do you sell armor?
    Yes, we have a collection of armor that includes a variety of helmets in different styles, chain mail and gauntlets.