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Ninjas were hired mercenaries and spies, who used covert methods of combat – the art of ninjutsu, which included training in specific tools and weapons of the trade. Ninja tools of the trade are still being reproduced for modern use and has the largest collection of Ninja gear on the market today. You’ll find everything from throwing stars and grappling hooks to Ninja swords and nunchaku at a price point and quality level that has absolutely no competition!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Ben ((Missouri) - Perfect for the price

    This is my first set of throwing knives and for the price I don't think I could have asked for anything better. Pretty durable as long as you aren't dropping them on rocks and stuff. I'll definitely be back to order more if these ever break.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Black Triple Pro Throwing Knife Set
  • Lee Chase (Florida)

    I have several Hibben throwers and would recommend them to anyone. This set is small but once the distance and rotation is found, they are consistant. They are also light enough for easy conceal. I am a VietNam vet, USMC, and spent many years in black powder competition. That means knife and tomahawk throwing as well. I didn't lose too much.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Black Triple Pro Throwing Knife Set
  • Brandy (North Carolina) - Great knife set!

    Awesome throwing knife set! I ordered these for my son who has recently started trying to learn to throw- great beginner set- knives came already sharpened and the different blades allow for alot of "learning". Also would be great for a more experienced thrower or for a collector. Very impressed for the price! Thanks budk for having quality products for a reasonable price!!! Will definitely shop again!!!

    Review of: Ridge Runner Bullseye Throwing Knives 24 Pc Set
  • jordan dewolf (Washington, Iowa) - Great thrower

    Just got into throwing knives and bought 2 different name brands and this one was the best. After 30 minutes I got the hang of throwing and these knives stick into the target easily. I think I will buy two more sets of these.

    Review of: 12 Piece Black & Silver Ninja Kunai Throwing Knife Set
  • Will - Satisfied.

    I'm not all too educated about swords. I bought this one and the timber rattler outlaw bowie because I was living in a cave in the desert just north of phoenix. I woke up one morning to find that there was a Cyote outside the cave wandering around. So I decided to get armed. I ordered this and the bowie, (which I was even more satisfied with btw) and this one, while being slightly shorter than I wished, proved structurally sound as h**l. I couldn't break it if I tried. And i did the usual cutting through jugs of water and it went through like paper. So I moved to tree limbs that were around an inch or two thick, and the sword swung through in one or two swings tops. It's legit. Especially for the money. The one problem is that the handle wrap comes off the first few times you swing it around. But I just tied it again tighter and then used a lighter to melt the fibers of the rope together and it's been sturdy for three weeks now. Even if it does come off again i'm not apposed to just gluing the wrap together or using that stuff they use to wrap grip on baseball bats. Four stars only because five would be perfection.

    Review of: United Black Ninja Sword