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Engraved Flying Dragon Three Piece Samurai Sword Set


Superior selection of high-quality display swords at a reasonable price.

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From home wall displays to your next costume, has a wide selection of display swords perfect for any collection.We offer an array of blades to choose from, including decorative fantasy swords, TV replicas and sword sets (display stand included!). And, for the ambitious collector, our Sword of the Month club provides a consistent supply of new, ornamental blades to impress your friends and family. Choose yours today!


  • What types of display swords do you carry?
    We have a selection of display swords to choose from including decorative fantasy swords, movie collectibles, katana sets with stands and historical replica swords.
  • Where do you get your historical reproduction sword from?
    Our historical reproduction swords come from world-known Marto, a company in Toledo, Spain, that has a long history of exceptional swordcraft.
  • Do your display swords have sharpened blades?
    Most of our display swords have unsharpened, display blades as they are not meant for use.