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There’s nothing like a classic.’s traditional pocket knives include time-honored styles like trappers, stockmans, fiddlebacks and toothpicks. We stock the very best pocket knives available at affordable prices, ensuring quality and durability with every product. Find yours today!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Wendy

    Amazing and beautiful pocket knife! Works for a great gift for someone who likes pocket knives.

    Review of: Timber Wolf Gentleman’s Lockback Pocket Knife

  • James

    Received this knife in site box razor sharp right out of the box does not weigh down your pocket

    Review of: Kriegar Helden Rand Kat Knife

  • Braswell

    Love this knife! It feels great and it looks cool as hell!

    Review of: Black Ronin Bushido Pocket Knife

  • Brennan

    I got this one in the orange; sharp and well made. Very light, easy carry knife. After purchasing this I’d try another Kissing Crane knife. Good value

    Review of: Kissing Crane Pocket Farmer Yellow Composite Pocket Knife

  • Gabe

    This is a sort of “gentleman’s folding pocketknife.” The walnut and pakkawood scales are well made for a mass production piece, and the pins hold them in place well over time (around three months as an edc now and still no wobble). The blade is just as tight at first though, and definitely needs to be worn in a bit before it’ll comfortable open one handed. The blade IS made of real damascus steel. It’s lower quality, industrial production damascus as opposed to hand crafted, but it is REAL. Makes perfect sense considering that cheap, mass produced damascus pieces are kinda Timber Wolf’s thing. So be warned: if you try stupid stuff like cutting up beer cans or something, then you WILL scratch through the very thin layer of steel that was acid etched, and the pattern on the blade WILL be much less distinct. If you’re looking for a work horse look else where. If you want a light use edc that looks good and doesn’t break the bank, one of these will serve you well.

    Review of: Timber Wolf File Worked Damascus Pocket Knife