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The boot knife is a must-have in any weapon enthusiast’s collection. Fully concealable and handy in a pinch, stocks the best blades available — from a Western-inspired weapon to tactical boot knives. Choose yours today, and add an easy-to-use hidden blade to your arsenal — you’ll thank us later.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Bill Costa Jr (Nashville, TN) - Mini Boot Knife

    This boot knife is perfect! It is not to small, and is comfortable to where you don't realize it is there when you walk. I do a lot of RV'ing, and my neighboring RVer's that have seen it have loved it and have asked where I got it. It is great to start conversations and get new friends in the RV community. Plus it is is hidden for those rough spots that are not as friendly as an RV park. I love this little knife. It is comfortable, sturdy, and very handy. Plus it is hidden well with my boots and jeans. Thank you BUD-K!

    Review of: United Cutlery Sub Commander Black Mini Boot Knife

  • Danny (Buena Park) - Boot knife with harness

    The knife itself is sturdy, It was dull on arrival; however, nothing a good whetsone or knife sharpener woudn't fix; the biggest draw back is the shoulder harness comes with no directtions and is hard to figure out. the straps do ot appear that would last for any length of time, and use as a bootknife, well, is uncomfortable. the metal clip one the sheath to clip onto the boot has a bend that protrudes and makes it uncomfortable; overall the knife itself is above average. nice weight and appears that it will hold age nicely; appears to be of superior strength.

    Review of: United Undercover Boot Knife Black with Shoulder Harness

  • timothy paden (franklin pa) - sweet

    It is smaller than I thought it would be , but after I got use to it, it's kind of nice, small enough to hide any where , but the blade is enough to do some damage , and is sharp, you don't have to use the strings supplied , ya can use anything, and put it any where . I bought one , then , I liked it so much, I bought two more , an now my friends that I trust, an know where their hide at, decided , their gonna buy some . hey can't go wrong for 10 bucks, might save your life

    Review of: United Cutlery Sub Commander Silver Mini Boot Knife

  • Daddy Rick (North Texas) - GREAT knife!!

    I REALLY like the size AND the sheath. Only thing is it had NO edge...but that's actually okay as I enjoy sharpening knives. A "Dagger" isn't suppose to be sharp, but I can't stand a blade one can't shave with. So I better get busy!! Thanks Bud!! The price and service just can't be beat!!

    Review of: Special Agent Stinger II Boot Knife ABS Sheath

  • Ranger (California) - Best knife ive ever bought for the money.

    Incredible boot knife. High quality leather sheath with strong metal boot/belt clip. Razor sharp right out of the box. I work in private security, and I carry this on me every shift. Great backup weapon. I also carried it on my belt while camping, and used it to chop....yes, chop, a large piece of driftwood into a staff. incredible knife.

    Review of: Timber Wolf Tactical Boot Knife with Sheath