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Any sword collector or movie prop enthusiast can tell you that some of the most coveted items are swords from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. While it would be rather difficult to get an actual prop from the filming of the movie, United Cutlery has produced an outstanding line of officially licensed replicas from the movie, which were cast from actual filming props. BUDK.com is the only place to find the full line of officially licensed Lord of the Rings replica weapons! While the movie props were sometimes made of resin to be lighter and easier to maneuver during filming, the United Cutlery replicas are made from solid stainless steel, making them collectibles that will last a lifetime. Each includes a premium wooden plaque for display.


  • How authentic are these weapons to the movie?
    Each of our “Lord of the Rings” replicas was cast and detailed from the actual prop used in filming.
  • What weapons do you have from the movies?
    We are the only ones who have the full line of officially licensed reproductions from Gimli’s Axe and Legolas’ Fighting Knives to the Horn of Gondor and the Gauntlet of Sauron. Shop here to get all of your Lord of the Rings Replicas.
  • I don’t see the collectible that I’m looking for. If this is the full line, why don’t you have it?
    There are many weapons and pieces of armor in “The Lord of the Rings” movie franchise. United Cutlery releases new replicas every year and when they do, we’ll be the first to get them in our warehouse. You can check out our LOTR Swords here and be the first to preorder incoming replicas so you don't miss your chance!
  • Are these replicas full-sized?
    Absolutely! Each replica is the same size as the original prop used by the actor in the movies.
  • How do I know that these “Lord of the Rings” collectibles are officially licensed?
    Each of our “Lord of the Rings” collectible comes with a certificate of authenticity to verify their officially licensed status.