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Impressive and authentic medieval armor at stunning prices.

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If you really want to look impressive and authentic when participating in a Medieval cosplay or reenactment event, you need to put together the right collection of armor to wear. has helmets, gauntlets and breastplates, all constructed of heavy-gauge steel.


  • Can your Medieval armor actually take a beating?
    Believe us it’s legit! Our pieces of armor are constructed of 18-gauge steel with solid steel rivets. Our chain mail is also made of 18-gauge steel chain.
  • What kind of armor do you have?
    We have a variety of authentic pieces, so that you can put together the right collection of armor, including helmets, gauntlets and chain mail and shirts.
  • What do people use armor for today?
    Armor is great for cosplay, reenactments, costume events and theatrical productions.