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Bushmaster Blow Gun


Our vast selection of blowguns at great prices.

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You’ll be ready to blister darts like a tribal warrior right out of the package with any one of our Blowguns! These sturdy, lightweight hunting and target weapons come with blow darts and integrated quivers.


  • What would you use a blowgun for?
    Just like hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the blowgun is primarily a hunting weapon for small game and varmints. Recently, they have been used for target-based competitions.
  • What do blowguns shoot?
    Blowguns traditionally shoot darts and that is still the ammunition used today. The darts are about four-inch, .40 caliber steel needles with plastic safety-cones. They can come with snap-on broadhead tips specifically for hunting.
  • How do you use a blowgun?
    First, load the dart sharp-end first into the mouthpiece of the blowgun and make sure that it fits snugly in the bore just below the mouthpiece. The plastic cone should hold it in place long enough to shoot the dart. Then, hold the blowgun with both hands, spread out along the length of the weapon and aim it at your target. Finally, take a deep breath, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and blow all of your air out to launch the dart.