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Hibben Throwing Axe And Knife Set


Our biggest selection of throwing weapons: Knives, Kunai, Axes, and more! These blades are perfectly designed to be deadly accurate in your trained hands. By ensuring they are balanced and sharp, they will be a great addition to your arsenal. If these aren’t your style, check out our popular ninja throwing stars, or see what other blades we carry in our huge knives catalog.

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When it comes to Throwing Knives, is your premier online destination. We have a large selection that includes throwing stars, kunai, throwing daggers, and throwing axes. Whether you are a beginner inspired to use traditional Ninja throwing weapons or a professional looking for new throwing knives, you will find a variety of high-quality throwing sets for backyard fun or competition throwing. Our competition-grade throwing knife sets include throwers designed by master knife designer, Gil Hibben. If you’re new to knife throwing, we recommend starting with the Complete Guide to Knife Throwing to get you started on your way to becoming an expert knife thrower. Check out our large selection of throwing blades today and see why is the best supplier of knives.


  • How do I choose a throwing knife?
    First, consider what you want to accomplish. To develop throwing skills as a backyard hobby, you can get any set of throwing knives. To develop skills to eventually compete, invest in a set of competition quality knives.
  • Which throwing knife should I start with, as a beginner?
    There are three kinds of throwing knives: blade-heavy, handle-heavy and balanced. A balanced, throwing knife is the best option for a beginner, as it can be gripped and thrown by either the blade or handle.
  • How do I grip a throwing knife?
    There are two basic grips: hammer grip and pinch grip. For the hammer grip, hold the thrower just like you would a hammer with the fingers wrapped around the handle. For the pinch grip, grip either the handle or the blade between the thumb and index finger in a secure pinch hold.
  • How do I throw a knife?
    Grip the knife, extend the arm straight toward the target and then, bring arm up and back bending from the elbow. Now, draw the arm all the way up and back alongside the ear and swing the arm down rapidly forward in a downward motion, releasing the thrower.
  • Where is the best point in the throw to release the throwing knife?
    Timing is everything in the release, but it does depend on the distance from the target you are. For close distances, release the knife in front of your head and for longer distances, release the knife behind your head.
  • How do I perform a no-spin throw?
    This is definitely a skill to work toward in knife-throwing. Use the drive finger grip, which is where the index finger is positioned along the knife’s spine and the handle is pinched between the thumb and the length of the middle finger. The thumb guides the movement and the index finger drives the thrower forward when it’s released.
  • What does a throwing competition target look like?
    The bull’s-eye is 4” in diameter with a secondary ring of 8” in diameter and the outer ring is 16” in diameter. This is the format you should use to practice for an American Knife Throwers Alliance competition.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Michael

    I've bought a few sets of theses and still have every one. The weight is good and the length is perfect. The cord does come off, especially when hit by another knife blade hitting it, but the cord is really not necessary for accurate throws. * A TIP * I taped mine with fluorescent thin width duct tape at the top and bottom of the cord wrap and it helps to slow the unwinding, but what's better is they are easier to see if they don't stick and easier to see in flight to judge your rotation and distance factors.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Black Triple Pro Throwing Knife Set With Nylon Sheath

  • Grace

    These are beautiful beginner knives. They were sharp right out of the package and arrived on time. budk has yet to disappoint me

    Review of: 24-Piece Ridge Runner Throwing Knives Set

  • Ivan

    My very first purchase from budk and what can I say, this is a great deal! These knives are small but do pack one heck of a punch for their size. The sheath could be a bit sturdier though, the knives can easily cut through them. So far that has happened to me hehe. I haven't bought a target from budk yet, so I practiced on some cardboard and then moved to my old dart board. Poor dart board haha. I've only used the first six knives to practice with, I'm saving the other six for when the time comes

    Review of: Ridge Runner 12 Ninja Throwing Knives Set with Sheath

  • Mark (Carmel, IN) - Great throwers!

    Great set of knives and easy to throw. They stick 95% of the time. The sting on the handles comes off but it is not necessary anyway.

    Review of: Ridge Runner 12 Piece Throwing Knife Set

  • Eric

    This kunai set is one of the best sets I have owned so far. The weight is great, it's durable to withstand even CONCRETE, the detail is superb, and overall not disappointing at all! These knives are great for throwing, and I would definitely recommend this!

    Review of: Expendables Kunai Three-Piece Throwing Knife Set