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Ideal as both a collectible and self-defense weapon, push daggers are a highly sought-after compact blade. BUDK.com carries push knives in a variety of styles, with T-handles for every size hand, and blades for every application. Protect yourself and expand your armory with a tactical blade, a classic Cold Steel model or even a mini push dagger — the choice is yours.


  • What’s a push dagger?
    A short dagger with a “T” handle design, this fixed blade is an excellent discreet self-defense weapon. The generally compact size makes it easily concealable, and it’s used with a punching or pushing force gripped between the middle and index fingers in a closed fist.
  • Where did push daggers come from originally?
    The earliest known forms of push daggers are thought to have originated in India with the development of kataras, or punch daggers, in the mid-16th century. Among the designs found today is the American push dagger, which became well known in the 1800s. Increased numbers of Americans began carrying push daggers as personal defense weapons during this time.
  • What’s a push dagger used for today?
    Push daggers are still used as personal defense weapons because they are so easy to conceal and are very effective.

Top Customer Reviews

  • juan

    These little blades are very handy im not that liked by a group of people so they tried to jump me one day but luckily I had these handy blades with me . And when I pulled them out they ran faster than speedy Gonzales real nice product . You might need to sharpen them when they come but other than that great job budk!

    Review of: United Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers
  • John

    Nice little Push Dagger. Make sure you know the laws in your area. Something like this can fall into a law that considers "Implied Use". Other laws affect Push Daggers so know them. I got this a while back along with the little doubles. This is very nice, not very sharp on the edges, but nice point and suppose it can be lashed to a stick for a makeshift spear. I was just wrapping the handle a bit today because it lacks stability in the hand (I have small hands, so it might be worse in larger hands). I am writing in case others are thinking about getting these, wrapping them so they don't have to pay more for the ones that have thick handles. I only got a few wraps of hockey tape before I realized the strap of the sheath wouldn't snap if there was too much "thickness" added to the handle. Without that strap, the knife will fall right out, so you need it to snap or go with another sheath option. You could also do just the wings of the handle so the strap easily goes down the center. Just a FYI. Great little blade. Know your laws - don't let a minor traffic stop or security search get you into much hotter water. Ignorance of the law doesn't work. I will be going to the Honshu line of these because of the better handles. Cold Steel - way too expensive.

    Review of: United Cutlery Undercover Black Magnum Push Dagger
  • Don P

    The blade is great and came razor sharp. Handle is like it was made for my hand. The only down side is the sheath. It's a piece of plastic crap.

    Review of: Tomahawk Raider Push Dagger
  • AvatarKnightStar


    Review of: United® Honshu Push Dagger Black Tanto Large