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Let BudK do all the work! Get awesome products delivered every month without having to waste time searching online. Join the Knife of the Month Club or subscribe to one of our SHTF Survival Boxes.

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Getting a box of goodies in the mail each month is always exciting. And even better, it's great to get items that you actually need and can actually use. BUDK has a selection of subscriptions to choose from including SHTF Survival Plans, Knife of the Month and Sword of the Month. There's a lot of "survival boxes" out there to choose from but you are SOL when SHTF, if you don't actually have the survival essentials that you need! The SHTF Survival Plan subscription is not just a box of random stuff but every item included is included because it's a real survival necessity. From a disaster of apocalyptic proportions to hurricane preparedness, we know exactly what you need! Both the Knife of the Month and the Sword of the Month subscriptions allow you to get awesome products without having to waste time in searching for your next favorite. Let do ALL the work!


  • Why do I need an SHTF subscription box?
    If you’re not prepared for the worst whether it’s of apocalyptic proportions or a natural disaster, you’re toast! Our subscription boxes have the gear you need.
  • Is there a catch?
    No! If you ever decide you don’t want the most awesome deal in survival gear ever, you can cancel at any time.
  • Is the stuff any good?
    Our SHTF subscription boxes aren’t just a box of random stuff but every item included is included because it’s a real survival necessity.
  • How often do I get one?
    One subscription box is mailed out each month that you’re subscribed and there are different ones to choose from including both knife and sword subscriptions.