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Middle Ages Historical Spiked Battle Club


A vast selection of medieval war hammers and clubs at vast prices.

1 - 5 of 5 knows how important it is to be wearing the right apparel and gear in every situation so, we maintain a large selection of Tactical Gear and Apparel items to choose from and all at reasonable prices! We have the right attire for any occasion or environment and for any situation or season. Whether you’re looking for gear like tactical gloves, belts and vests or everyday wear like military watches, sunglasses and hats, we have an assortment of products that will meet your needs. Dress from head to toe in tough tactical gear, stealth apparel, or add some great-looking clothes and accessories to your closet. Backed by’s iron-clad 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, each product is of the highest quality and made from premium materials.


  • What is a mace?
    A mace is a weapon with a heavy head on the end of a handle and it was used primarily for striking an enemy on the head. They were used as early as the Neolithic Age in Ireland.
  • Are your Medieval weapons historically accurate?
    The Medieval weapons that we carry were inspired by weapons of the time period and are made of the highest quality materials.
  • Are your war hammers and clubs functional or display weapons?
    Although, our war hammers and clubs are completely display-worthy, each of them is completely functional as a striking instrument.