• What is T10 Steel?
    One of the most sought after high carbon steels in modern swordcraft, T10 steel is a type of tungsten based tool steel that is specifically designed to retain its carbon content at high temperatures, making it perfect to forge an incredibly strong sword.
  • Why is a high carbon content important?
    The higher the carbon content in a steel, the stronger and harder it is, which is a key element in having a functional sword blade. T10 Steel has a carbon content ranging from 0.95% to 1.05%, whereas other high carbon steels range from 0.45% to 0.75%.
  • What are its benefits?
    A blade made from T10 Steel holds an edge for a significant amount of time before it actually needs sharpening. It is also impact-resistant, absorbing stress without compromise to the integrity of the blade, and resistant to most kinds of abrasive damage from cutting that can occur with swords used for cutting.
  • What is it used for?
    Because of its exceptional resilience to extreme temperatures, T10 Steel is commonly used in industrial settings. It is also called “high speed tool steel” because of its suitability to high-speed machinery like drills, saws and routers. This resilience is what makes this steel so ideal for a sword blade.
  • How do I take care of my T10 Steel Sword?
    You can purchase a traditional sword cleaning kit that will have everything you need. There are three steps: removing oil, polishing the blade and oiling the blade. Using a sheet of rice paper from the kit or a soft cotton cloth, remove any oil that is still on the blade from the previous maintenance. Take the powder ball and tap it lightly against the blade about every two inches or so along its length. Take a fresh piece of rice paper and rub the powder over the blade to polish it. Do this until both sides of the blade have been polished and the powder completely removed. Take the bottle of oil and apply a few drops along the length of the blade on each side. Use a fresh piece of rice paper to spread the oil evenly on the blade.