Ninja stars (AKA shuriken) are popular across the blade enthusiast community, and for good reason: Traditional throwing stars boast centuries of history, and with modern updates, remain both ornamental and functional must-haves. carries ninja stars to suit every need, from large ninja stars and throwing star sets to sharpened throwing cards. Choose yours, and perfect your ninja weapon collection today.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Sean (Chester, SC) - Wicked Sharp -nice size

    I've seen some other throwing stars that all seemed tiny and undersized. I wouldn't call these "large" but they're a proper "medium" and really well done. I like the case, although it seem a bit extravagant for the set. I plan to keep it and use it for storing the stars since it looks well-made. The set is great- a cool variety of 3, 4, 5 and 6 pointed stars. Simple design, but none of the stars look "cheap". All are fantastic throwers and wicked sharp, with blade edges sharpened on both sides, which really makes these look cool. At a few bucks each- you can't beat these.

    Review of: Kung Fu Four Piece Ninja Throwing Star Set With Pouch
  • Caelan Long(Oceanside CA) - Great Buy

    Pi love these ninja stars idk why but after i bought them they dont ship to va anymore so i wont be getting anymore but there nice solid metal not to sharp but look really nice have a good weight to

    Review of: Biohazard Throwing Stars 3pc Set
  • Sean (Grand Ledge, MI) - Cyclone 3 Blade Folder Black

    This is a very interesting thing I didn't know until I got it though that it says caution this is not a throwing star or throwing knife it does not function as such. I'm still impressed, I throw it anyways and I think budk should make a video on it. I had to loosen the bolts so I could throw it and the blades would pop out during flight but I love this thing and I look forward to getting even more things from budk.

    Review of: Cyclone 3 Blade Pocket Knife Black
  • Xeokym (USA) - BRUTAL

    These are very heavy, thick & SHARP. I have 2 sets because they are a lot of fun to throw. They are a unique change from throwing knives and also very impressive once you get good at sticking them. I threw them at a 2" thick oak board and the thing was mutilated after a couple sessions, they really sink deep. Don't throw them at a dart-style target because they will absolutely destroy it after a few throws! If you threw one at a person you could cause very serious injury. Despite the thickness & weight, the edges are razor sharp. The only reason I took one star off is because the edges do tend to knick, and the corners will bend a bit. I have re-sharpened them with a dremmel to restore the edges several times, but then again that was after heavy use. I've had them for over 2 years & they are still holding up.

    Review of: Ninja Joker Throwing Cards Four Piece Set With Pouch
  • Justin Amazing!

    These stars are absolutly amazing! If your thinking about getting these things don't think twice! Get them, amazing quality they stay sharp for a long time! These things are just plain out awesome worth my money! :D

    Review of: United Black Ronin Twelve Point Throwing Star