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Shinwa Black Knight 3-Piece Sword Set


Top of the line Sword Sets to fit any budget.

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Looking to add multiple complementary blades to your collection at once? Save yourself time and money with Samurai sword sets from Our two-piece and three-piece sword sets are safe to display and handle, offering both ornamental and authentic value. Choose a hand-forged steel blade set from our selection today, and round out your armory in one fell swoop.


  • Do your sword sets come with a way to display them?
    Absolutely! Our sword sets come with premium hardwood display stands, which will securely hold each sword in the set.
  • What kind of swords are included in your sets?
    Our sword sets are the traditional Samurai daisho, which is what a Samurai carried into battle. The swords included are a katana, wakizashi and a tanto.
  • What brand of swords are your sets?
    We carry only the top of the line sword sets from brands like Shikoto, Kojiro, Shinwa and Musha.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Greg

    Absolutely beautiful set!! No way could you find a better set for this price! I had my wife find a place for them while I was at work and she loved them so much she put them as the center piece on our fireplace in the living room.

    Review of: Black Dragon 3 PC Sword Set
  • Mike

    This is one of my best parts of my collection ever! really tough well built and made for really heavy duty use. I chopped a pineapple clean in two! no shaprepening i think this is a great bbuy for ametuers or long time users its cheap ready for use and built well

    Review of: Twin Ninja Sword Set
  • Stephano Lutori

    These are great! I like to call them the Double Rainbow Blades, and I just used them for my new show on YouTube! I killed a melon with them. They might not be very sharp, but if they can destroy a frozen melon, their deadly.

    Review of: Double Full Tang Rainbow Sword Set
  • anonymous

    Great swords for the price! Came pretty sharp, but the wrapping on the handle came off eassily, but that is fixable with electrical tape. The sheath is better than others i got from budk, but still sorta fragile. All in all, a great sword!

    Review of: Destroyer 2 Piece Ninja Sword Set
  • John

    Very nice set if you're looking to make visitors say "wow" when they walk in the room. These are very showy blades and have a very genuine look to them. There Lies the problem though. It only has the look and not the performance. Not sharp at all. Blade bends easily and the blade is wobbly. But as I said, it will look very nice hanging on the wall or setting off to the side. Absolutely get these if you're looking to display because it is a great price, however, if you wanna go out and hack and slash at fruit or bottles or whatever, I would recommend a shinwa blade. Not as showy, but performs great.

    Review of: 3-Piece Sapphire and Gold Samurai Sword Set