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Shinwa SilkFang Handmade Shirasaya


Unique, Premium Shirasaya Swords - You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.

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A Shirasaya, “white scabbard”, is a plain wooden Japanese sword consisting of a scabbard and hilt and used when a blade was not expected to see use for some time and needed to be stored. It was designed to tightly seal keeping oxygen out while providing a protective skin around the katana blade. has a large selection of shirasaya swords in many different colors of attractive hardwood both lacquered and natural. The blades inside of the smooth, scabbards are razor-sharp and handcrafted in premium high carbon steels. You won’t find a shirasaya anywhere else that is of the caliber that we have at


  • What’s a shirasaya sword?
    A shirasaya sword, traditionally, was a plain wooden katana with a hilt and scabbard that fit seamlessly together, giving it the appearance of one, solid piece.
  • What was a shirasaya used for?
    Shirasayas were designed to protect a katana blade when it was not expected to be used for a long time and needed to be stored. It was designed to tightly seal the blade in an oxygen-free, protective shield.
  • Are the shirasaya blades sharp or only for show?
    Yes, our shirasaya swords have razor-sharp blades that will perform as exceptionally as our katanas.