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Getting out and enjoying the Great Outdoors is something we enjoy here at so we understand exactly what you need to do that! We also know that a recreational day hike could easily turn into a survival situation, causing you to camp overnight in the wilderness, so we offer the widest selection of camping and survival gear that you’ll ever find online! We have backpacks, tents and emergency shelters, fire strikers, compasses, first aid kits, camping tools and a variety of survival foods.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Lorenzo (New York) - Absolutely amazing!

    This knife is by far one of the best products on this site! It is unbelievably sturdy, and holds an edge once you put it on. The blade is wicked, and the saw blade does its job. ( I built a shelter in 15 minutes with all the saplings I sawed with it). The sheath is heavy duty plastic, and will surpass your expectations. There is not a time when I do not have this thing on me when I'm outdoors. A trusty companion, at truly a remarkable price. If you are reading this review, I urge you to take out your credit card, and add this fine piece of steel to your bugout bag, camping pack, or collection!!

    Review of: United Cutlery S.O.A. One Shot One Kill Survival Knife
  • John (Memphis, Tn) - survival axe,and bracelet set

    Just what I expected, small for small hands, not intended for big jobs. Have not used them, and hope I never have to they are for BOBs. Skinning, and butchering jobs on small game and fish. Not intended to fell trees for a cabin, or split firewood, just for in camp use on small jobs, and my grandson thinks they are cool, that's a good enough reason for me. John Kretzer

    Review of: Timber Wolf Survival Axe, Knife, & Bracelet Set
  • Josh (Michigan) - Incredible

    This thing is insane. Came to me sharp enough to hack through small trees in one stroke.It's a perfect weight, cleaves clean and is nice and thick. Easily the best machete I've ever had. The survival tips that come with it are worth knowing too. I've seen the few reviews that have a problem with the sheath, but I find it of good quality, it's tough, and holds the parang well. HIGHLY recommend.

    Review of: Gerber Bear Grylls Parang
  • Patrick (Harahan, LA) - The ultimate

    This compass has it all and is very acurate compared with my other compasses I have in my boat and truck. The accessories tucked away within are really cool too. Very compact and a great addition to my survival gear kit.

    Review of: Black Savage Multi Function Compass Kit
  • Bryan (Minneapolis, MN)- What A Deal!!!

    I bought this knife just because I was placing an order for some other items with BUDK and figured another $3, can't go wrong. Well, it turned out to be one of my favorite knives. It came razor sharp out of the box. The sheath is worth more than $3 alone. The blade fits very nicely in the sheath. I have seen similar products to this one for many times the cost. But, there is no need to spend more than $3. This knife is perfect for hiking, backpacking etc. I have had this knife for 3 years, and have been very rough on it just because I know I can replace it for $3 if I need to. But, I haven't done any damage to the knife or the sheath during all of the heavy usage. With this knife you have only $3 to loose and solid utility/survival knife to gain. Just buy one.

    Review of: Tactical Warrior Neck Knife