If you love to get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors, this is where you need to be. We have all of the camping and survival gear you need from tents to tools.

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Getting out and enjoying the Great Outdoors is something we enjoy here at so we understand exactly what you need to do that! We also know that a recreational day hike could easily turn into a survival situation, causing you to camp overnight in the wilderness, so we offer the widest selection of Camping and Survival Gear that you’ll ever find online! also takes its inventory of Camping and Survival Gear very seriously and only offers the highest quality products, consistently maintaining a standard of excellence that is unrivaled. We know that having gear that you can absolutely count on is a necessity for survival. Choose from our array of backpacks, tents and emergency shelters, fire starters, compasses, first aid kits, camping tools and a variety of survival foods.


  • What else do I need for camping besides a tent and a sleeping bag?
    There are several items that you need to build-out your camping gear before you go out into the wild. Make sure that you have a Firestarter, a dependable lantern or camping light, a water filtering system, an entrenchment tool and a first-aid kit. Also, drop in some paracord since it can be used several ways around the campsite.
  • What are the top survival products that I need to have for my bug-out and survival gear?
    The first thing that you need is a tough bag or backpack to put your survival gear in. Then, you need to have the five survival basics: a firestarter, a personal water filter, shelter, emergency food and a first aid kit.
  • Do I need a survival kit?
    Yes, absolutely! You need to have some form of survival kit for your home and vehicle. We have everything from five-day bug-out kits to pocket survival kits, perfect for your vehicle.
  • Do you carry gas masks?
    Yes, we have a variety of different military surplus gas masks, designed to protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and biological agents. Each mask comes with its own carrying bag and the original filter.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Lorenzo

    I was skeptical about how effective the solar panel might be at first but figured, hey at least I'd still have the bag but I'm SUPER FREAKING IMPRESSED! It was overcast outside and I was still getting a fast charge. I bought a power bank with mine because it doesn't hold a charge but if you get the power bank, the big panel will charge it and you can use the bank if it's not sunny outside or at night. I love this thing. Getting my husband one too for our camping trips. Nice job BUDK.

    Review of: M48 OPS Tactical Solar Panel Backpack
  • Jacob

    I used this tent the other day, just me and my wife. We camped in the Rocky mountains. There was no foul weather so I can't say if it holds up under bad weather conditions. most tents of its size are much more expensive. Pros: Price Quality seems good enough. The size of the tent in package is pretty small (good) for the size of the tent. I fit it in my framed backpack for the hike to our campsite as well as all the other essentials. Cons: The "porch" is not fully enclosed and is not very big. We didn't even attempt to put chairs in it. It is more of an entryway to the tent, or just the excess of the rain proof coverving. The poles seem to be fairly cheaply made. but they did their job. i just wouldn't trust them for the long haul. The stakes are very cheap simple metal and don't hold very well depending on the earth you are putting them in. (but there are a lot of them) There are no instructions of any kind that I could find. not a big deal, tents are fairly simple. But this tent hast a lot of fastenings that you just have to guess on what to do with. Over all It worked well. For the price (I got it on sale for about $40) it is a great deal.

    Review of: Intense 4-Person Dome Tent with Porch
  • Christopher

    Hey everyone, I got one of these for Christmas and liked so much that I bought two more. A few things I wanted to mention about these is that as stated in the product description that they may function as intended. Well, for starters mine did. The fiberglass filters, although expired worked in mine. I use my first one as a dust mask/respirator for my house. It does protect against fumes from household chemicals and from dust particles. If you are in need of a good respirator but, you don't have the money to get an overpriced 3M one. These will do great. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the components fit like a glove. If one thing is out of place you will not get a good seal and may not get the desired function of the mask. So, if you buy one check on you tube on how to properly assemble it. If you see someone assembling it with filters on the outside, they are putting them on wrong. The filters go inside the mask. The filters are cheap too. Get a bunch of them while they are still available. Once they are gone they're gone forever. Hope this clarifies some things.

    Review of: Military Surplus Czech M10M Gas Mask With Straw
  • Tom

    very nice blanket warm, nice to throw over the bed on rain days if you have a dog with wet feet, good blanket

    Review of: Trailblazer Waterproof Camping Blanket
  • Willard

    I didn't believe that this little runt would be any good but I was wrong. I turned it on last night and it lit up the whole room. I couldn't believe how bright it is and compact. I am definitely going to buy another one. You can't go wrong.

    Review of: Trailblazer Pack-Away Camping Lantern