From the Civil War to modern use, bayonet knives never go out of style. Originally made for close-quarters combat, the bayonet has evolved into a popular collectable item and deadly arsenal addition.’s collection of bayonets is perfect for the general blade collector and historical knife aficionado alike. Choose from Vietnam replicas, tactical bayonets and even classic bayonet rifle attachments.

Top Customer Reviews

  • James

    Wonderful knife I was afraid it would be bad because of the price. But no it is excellent I have worked it into my weekly edc knife rotation now.

    Review of: M7 Bayonet Knife - Replica

  • Josh

    Just to let everyone know, the blade is very dull. Not a big deal, I used a little elbow grease on a knife sharpener and it was good to go. Also, it did not got on my AR since it has a 14.7" barrel making it too short for the bayonet, kinda bummed about that. However, it fits snug on my Mossberg 590A1!!!! All in all it's a good purchase!

    Review of: Tactical M7 Bayonet With Metal Sheath

  • Michael

    Just got it, & it looks & feels like a new-issue original. Except for "China" stamped on the blade, it may as well be. Now to get a M1 Garand to go with it...

    Review of: M1 Garand Bayonet Historical Replica - 21 3/4"

  • Phil

    i was a little hesitant to order after reading some of the comments, but now I'm glad I did. This bayonet fits my CMP Springfield M1 Garand perfectly. It's tight withought being binding, and the latch works flawlessly for both the locking lug and the scabbard. And of course it looks great, too. Face it... an M1 is just not an M1 without a sling and bayonet. I might even get the long one now that I know they fit.

    Review of: M1 Garand Bayonet Historical Replica - 15"

  • Eric

    This pocket knife is a really good buy if you want a blade thats larger and more intimidating than what most other people are carrying on them. It is very well made of heavy gauge steel, ( probably my heaviest knife) and it has a real locking rifle slot mechanism located on the end of the handle for mounting applications. I give this knife 5.1 stars for shear creative ingenuity. Thanks BUDK Cutlery. You hit a homer on this one gomer!

    Review of: Bayonet Style Tactical Pocket Knife