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Night Watchman Stun Gun Flashlight


Shop our large selection of stun guns. We carry a wide variety of self-defense stun guns. With a variety of options to choose from you can select your style whether it's a handheld, baton, or even a phone! Be ready at a moment's notice to increase your survivability.

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Since their appearance in the early Eighties, Stun Guns have been trusted as a personal self-defense weapon and offers a large variety to choose from. We have traditional in small and large sizes and a variety disguised as items like smart phones, flashlights and walking canes.


  • Are stun guns legal to own and carry?
    Stun guns are legal in most U.S. states for self-defense by an adult with no criminal record. However, cities and counties may have their own laws regulating them in their jurisdictions. Check your local and state laws before purchasing.
  • I’m looking for a discreet, self-defense weapon. Do you have a stun gun that can be easily concealed?
    Absolutely! We have a mini stun gun the size of a flashlight, ink pen sized stun guns, a keychain stun gun, a discreet walking cane and even a stun gun that looks like a phone.
  • How many volts does a stun gun generate?
    Stun guns come in a variety of voltages. We have stun guns with voltages from 10,000 to five million.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Scorpion(D'Hanis, TX) - shocklight stun gun

    I really liked this stun gun flash light combo, I need a flash light to carry with me on the graveyard shift and something to defend myself if need be. So this was perfect all around a very good item. The flash light part was a little dimmer than I thought but the sound of the stun gun going off made up for it. Shipping was really quick I got it in about 3 days. Bottom line if your like me working at night around people you don't know its a must have.

    Review of: Shocklight Stun Gun Flashlight
  • Ray(Sahurarita, AZ) - wonderful protector

    My sister bought this cane for me. I love the feeLing I get of knowing I'm protected when I'm carrying this cane. I feel very safe with it, knowing what it could do when needed. I'd buy it for anyone handicapped.

    Review of: Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight
  • sdskybum(San Diego, CA) - it works

    oh yeah! it works! when i got mine my buddy kept begging me to shock him, finally i broke down, i made him lean on the couch just in case he fell, i shocked him in the back of the leg halfway down (which isnt even i really good place) - and trust me, he is a tough guy. i hit him as fast as i could (just touched him - like 1/2 a second) and he went down like a sack of potato's!! it took him a sec to get up and i asked - did it hurt? he says - every cell in my body hurt, how long did you hit me for? i told him less than a second, he couldnt believe it - he thought i held it on him - oh yeah, it works!

    Review of: Blast Knuckles Stun Gun
  • Billy Smith(Wingate, NC) - Matrix Stun Gun

    I bought one for my wife and it is neat it is small and easy to carry I think I will buy three more for my daughters hope she never has to use it but with that zap I think it will put you down Love it.

    Review of: Matrix Stun Gun with Pouch
  • 10mm Stan Shaver(Yuba City) - Every Woman's Best Friend

    This flashlight/stun gun is a great design. The flashlight works very well and makes a good check on the state of charge. The stun gun is easy to use but still safe to carry in a purse or pocket. Perfect size, Great price, Easy to use.

    Review of: Night Watchman 2 Million Volt Police Stun Gun Flashlight