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The Ultimate Butterfly Knives Selection

Butterfly knives, or balisongs, are pocket knives with two counter-rotating handles around the tang, which close over the blade to conceal it within the handles. The design allows the blade to be quickly deployed and you can count on this knife to perform any cutting task of a traditional pocket knife. The butterfly knife is best known for use in performing impressive knife flipping tricks. BUDK.com offers a high-quality selection of butterfly knives and trainers that are perfect for learning the art of “flipping.”

Top Customer Reviews

  • Nathan

    My first Balisong was a low-quality IceTek blade, but THIS Bench Mark© Butterfly knife is awesome! So far, so good (as of May 2nd, 2018). It has pros: heavy and wide blade; SOLIDLY constructed "wings" that aren't made sandwich-style---they are heavy, but light---which is weird to say, but when you hold it, you will feel what I mean; also, it has a great texture and is grippy and the locking latch is great! The cons are not so bad. The pins holding the "wings" do not loosen, so, if you wanted to give the "wings" some play, you cannot loosen them with screws or torque wrenches. That is all that I can say bad about the knife. It is heavy, the blade is thick, really sharp out-of-the-box, and after a little machine gun oil in the rivets should be slicing the air---and fingers for amateurs---in no time! (Get a trainer first. Or DUCT TAPE the blade when practicing!) Thank you BUDK! ALWAYS A PLEASURE! NO LETDOWNS YET! :)

    Review of: Black Skeleton Butterfly Knife

  • Ethan

    I purchashed this knife and it just came in the mail, WoW !!!, SHARP right out of the box, Heavy duty, the blade had "Two" Sharp knive edges, might get an extra for myself and get another for a friend, I Would recomend this blade for the Price, BUDK, Ya'll Rock, Thank You !!!

    Review of: Schrade Manilla Balisong Pocket Knife

  • Scotty

    This knife is one of the best knifes i have ever had the white bone handle is realy nice and the blade is nie and sharp

    Review of: Bear Genuine Bone Handle Butterfly Knife

  • Chris

    Sister got it for me for my first butterfly, handles both broke at three months. Overall good knife. But its built for use, not abuse. Beginners be warned. Nothing beats the feel of die-cast, but for durability stay very far away from die-cast. That said, overall great knife, thx bear, after five months I am now an advanced flipper and competing in local competitions. I will be purchasing their products in the future.

    Review of: Bear & Son Butterfly Knife Black Die Cast Handle

  • Amanda

    This is my first balisong trainer and it's great all I had to do was make a lock guard out of electrical tape for it BudK should really do a video on it for their YouTube. THANKS BUDK!

    Review of: Black Legion Balisong Butterfly Trainer