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Butterfly Knives

The Ultimate Butterfly Knives Selection

Butterfly knives, or balisongs, are pocket knives with two counter-rotating handles around the tang, which close over the blade to conceal it within the handles. The design allows the blade to be quickly deployed and you can count on this knife to perform any cutting task of a traditional pocket knife. The butterfly knife is best known for use in performing impressive knife flipping tricks. BUDK.com offers a high-quality selection of butterfly knives and trainers that are perfect for learning the art of “flipping.”

Top Customer Reviews

  • Alex (NC) - Awesome

    This was my first ever butterfly knife and i gotta say that i love it. Be careful not to drop it on a hard surface because u might break the point but other than that its a great knife.

    Review of: Bear & Son Butterfly Knife Black Die Cast Handle

  • Ethan Atom (America) - new favorite

    I got this knife as a Christmas present from my father. it was a little hard to get used to, due to its shape and weight, and it was a little greased up, but after using it every day since then, I wouldn't trade this blade for the world. Its a good knife to get experience with if your getting into the art of flipping. Above all sharp blade and beautiful handles. As long as you know how to take care of a knife, itll last you a lifetime. LOVE IT

    Review of: Bear Cocobola Buttefly Knife

  • Tim Quality Knife

    A bit stiff to use at first, but after a bit of usage this knife handles like a champ.

    Review of: BBear & Son Cutlery Curly Maple Butterfly Folding Knife

  • ODamien (Winchester, VA) - Training balisong

    This is an overall good training knife (that probably saved me a few fingers). My only complaint is that every so often one of the screws will fall out, but luckily I have the right size Alan wrench to put it back in.

    Review of: Training Butterfly Knife Black 5in

  • Dan (kansas)- Good Knife

    I own a lot of balisong knives. I bought this knife about a year ago and it is probably my favorite. It's very bulky and masculine while most butterfly knives are sleek and almost feminine. you open it and it makes a terrifying sound just like a pump action shotgun. I was a little upset that it seemed like only one side of it was finished and while the handles will take a lot of abuse eventually the paint does start to chip off. but I love this knife its totally awesome

    Review of: Bear Silver Vein Tanto Damascus Butterfly Knife