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Always be prepared with our large selection of pepper spray at great prices.

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Pepper Spray can incapacitate an assailant in a matter of minutes and the effects can be severe, causing the eyes to burn and run and difficulty with breathing. carries an assortment of compact and easy-to-carry pepper spray products.


  • Is pepper spray really made of pepper?
    Yes. The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsaicin, which is derived from chili peppers.
  • Is pepper spray legal to carry in my state?
    Right now, pepper spray is legal to purchase and carry in all 50 states. However, each state has its own regulations in regard to purchase and carry. Check your individual state’s laws and the requirements.
  • What is pepper ammo?
    Pepper ammunition is a BB-shaped round that contains PAVA, which is a synthetic capsaicinoid that’s similar to pepper spray. They are designed to be shot from special air launchers and airguns as a non-lethal form of home-defense.
  • What does pepper spray do to an attacker?
    Pepper spray has many effects including burning of the skin, eyes and nose; swelling of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat; coughing, shortness of breath and even hyperventilation. These effects can last about 30 minutes.

Top Customer Reviews

  • jd.ignacio (The Phillipines) - Field tested and super effective!

    I purchased this item for my wife a few months ago, she stated there were shady on goings in her little subdivision in the Philippines. Last week she had a spat with a tricycle driver outside of her compound, three men had stolen something from her and were planning to injure her (one had the disgrace of punching her in the eye). She pulled out this Pepper spray from her keychain lanyard and sprayed two assailants, and guess what? The three idiots were so dumbfounded and in pain that they called the police and my wife was taken to the police precinct like she was the one that did wrong!!! The police literally laughed when witnesses nearby told them the story and thankfully the three men have since then been arrested and thrown into prison! (after spending overnight in the hospital due to the pepper spray completely blinding them) Without this little wonder on my wife, I don't even want to think about what could have happened that day, but thank god i spent that extra few dollars for it! because it's worth it.

    Review of: Sabre Pink Pepper Spray
  • SlyChickenWorks as advertised

    I had some of this and sprayed it outdoors to see how far it would go. Problem was I was downwind. Just the light mist that blew back was enough to have my eyes watering and starting to gasp a bit for breath. Also got the itchy face but no runny nose. I say good stuff.

    Review of: Sabre Red Self Defense Pepper Spray Police Magnum 110 Grams
  • masso Legal and Effective!

    This will fit in your purse or pocket, and it is quite startling if you're not expecting it! Not much, but it gives you an edge you might not otherwise have. Great for couples, one notifying the other there is trouble to be had. If we're in opposite parts of the property or house, I know to come running should she set it off! It's easier than hey honey, the zombies are coming in the window!

    Review of: Mace Screecher Sonic Blast Aerosol Alarm 10 Grams
  • abys10383 Sabre pink max pepper spray

    I purchased this for my wife. The size is compact which of course is always a plus and over all a great product. Certainly will have an attacker in tears and down. The only thing that really could be improved is the trigger lock on this item. The trigger on it as is is just a side slide lock but it can really easily be unlocked in ones pocket.

    Review of: Sabre Pink Maximum Strength Red Pepper Spray
  • Johnny FreewillGas mask; needed around this thing

    When this stuff means home-defense; that is exactly what it is good for. The only problem with this fire-extinguisher of pepper-spray; is that its a fogger. It sprays out far into a fine mist. And it has a weakness, where this pepper mist tends to float around. Giving you some backfire; this only is amplified when outside.

    Review of: Sabre Fogger Defense Spray