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  • What is an Air Bow?
    Air bows are similar to a crossbow, in that they use arrows as their ammunition. However, they are closer akin an airgun in the way that they function.
  • How does an Air Bow work?
    With an air bow, the arrow is propelled by compressed air like an air rifle either with CO2 cartridges or pre-charged pneumatic powered. This allows for quick reload times and speeds of up to 450 fps. The specialized arrows are loaded into the front of the barrel and are propelled when the trigger is pulled.
  • What kind of arrows does it use?
    Engineered to specifically handle the extreme pressure created by the air bow, the arrows are made of carbon fiber and come with field tips but can accept both standard and mechanical broadheads.
  • What can you use an Air Bow for?
    An air bow can be used to hunt big game and is legal in ten states for deer and most states allow for predator/feral species hunting. Air bows are considered a primitive weapon in many states and cannot be used during big game hunting archery seasons. Always check your local hunting laws.