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A great selection of Airsoft Guns at great prices.

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AIRSOFT GUNS FAQS is literally your one-stop-shop for Airsoft Guns! You won’t find a better collection of high-quality, powerful air pistols and air rifles anywhere else. We have all-inclusive sets for beginners and competition quality airguns for competitors. You’ll find spring-powered, battery-powered and CO2-powered.

  • What’s the difference in an Airsoft Gun and a BB or pellet gun?
    The primary difference is the ammunition that it fires. Airsoft ammo is made of hard plastic instead of metal. An airsoft gun always has an orange tip at the end of the barrel so that it can be distinguished from a real firearm.
  • How long have Airsoft Guns been around?
    From its birth in Japan and spread throughout the UK in the late 1980s, Airsoft has become a sport enjoyed by all ages in several countries. The individual competitors and teams are as varied as their interests whether it is reenacting W.W.II battles or practicing the strategies of modern warfare. So, airsoft guns are made in a choice of replica models to fit every player's personal style and need.
  • What kind of Airsoft Guns do you carry?
    We have accurate airsoft replicas in both pistol and rifle models that are spring-powered.