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Tough and dependable carabiners at marvelous prices.

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Carabiners are an incredibly versatile tool for countless outdoor applications, when a secure attachment is needed, and are an essential part of every outdoorsman’s or avid camper’s gear. You will also find many uses for them at home, your garage or in your vehicle. has a variety of these handy tools in singles and packs from tactical clips with nylon webbing straps to multi-tool carabiners. You can choose from a selection of different shapes and sizes, perfect for different tasks like attaching gear to backpacks, hanging items for storage and simply keeping keys together. also has Webbing Connect Buckle Clips for MOLLE webbing in both slide and quick release models. NOTE: Our carabiners are not suitable to be used as climbing or rappelling equipment.


  • What is a carabiner used for?
    Carabiners are a great tool for many outdoor adventure applications when a secure attachment is needed. Use them to attach gear to a backpack, hang items for storage and simply keeping your keys together.
  • What are your carabiners made of?
    We have a selection of different styles of carabiners in tough ABS and metal. Some have nylon webbing straps attached. The carabiners that we carry are not suitable for climbing or rappelling.
  • Do you have connectors for my MOLLE webbing?
    We have tough, buckle clips made of POM, giving them a high-tensile strength and they can easily be attached to MOLLE so that you can attach bags and pouches together.