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Dependable and flashy Compasses to help you stay on track.

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First and foremost, a Compass is never wrong because it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field, which is an absolute constant. You can’t always count on GPS because, basically, it depends on electricity, but you can always count on a compass to keep your bearings straight. It’s an indispensable part of any camping and hiking gear or survival and bugout gear and, here, at, we know that better than anyone. We stock a collection of these navigation tools from lensatic marching compasses to mini watchband compasses. We have models in decorative display cases for home decor use and rugged models for orienteering – all capable of keeping you heading in the right direction. is your premier online source for all the survival necessities at prices you can afford.


  • How do I read a compass?
    First and foremost, when you read your compass, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the direction the needle is pointing is the direction that you are pointing. The needle is always going to point Magnetic North regardless of what letter it’s pointing to at the moment. So, you need to turn the compass until the needle is actually pointing at the “N.” Now, you can see which direction you are really facing by looking at the direction now indicated at the top of the compass.
  • What’s the difference in Magnetic North and True North?
    True North is the direction of the geographic North Pole, which is a fixed point on the Earth. Magnetic North is the direction of the North Magnetic Pole, which is a wandering point where the Earth’s magnetic field goes vertically down into the Earth.
  • What is declination?
    Declination is the difference, measured in angular degrees, that a compass deviates from True North. When you’re taking a bearing using a map, you need to look for the degrees of variation that you need to account for. It is usually located on the side of your map enclosed in a box.
  • What kinds of compasses do you have?
    Our collection of compasses includes lensatic marching, desk-top, wrist-band and simple pocket case.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Patrick

    This compass has it all and is very acurate compared with my other compasses I have in my boat and truck. The accessories tucked away within are really cool too. Very compact and a great addition to my survival gear kit.

    Review of: Black Savage Multi Function Compass Kit
  • Harvey Keefner

    Best buy for the money, a good survival tool, if you are ever lost or trapped they will hear you. The compass is a plus.

    Review of: Black Super Whistle
  • Tom Homer

    I received this compass five days after ordering it on line. I was very pleased with this compass when I held it in my hand. All brass, liquid filled and points with dampening needle to an accurate magnetic north. I compared it to my more expensive compasses and I bought this because, like knives, you can't have too many compasses. Sure, who doesn't have a GPS but what if the battery goes dead deep in the wilderness or it gets dumped into the river when your canoe rolls over? Sure, the North Star works but what if the night sky is covered with clouds? This is an excellent compass and well worth double the price and you can orientate it with map and turn the dial to set a heading. A must have for day pack, backpack, hiker's pocket, boat or car. There are two indicator dots and a needle dot that glow in the dark. This compass is filled with mineral oil but I do not know how that does in extreme low temperatures? it's made in China but appears to be of good quality. Happy tails.

    Review of: Glow In The Dark Brass Compass
  • WhiskeyAlphaSixNiner

    Great little compass, I plan on buying more fore our survival kits & bugout bags. Unlike a lot of these minature compasses this one is actually pretty accurate. Being liwuid filled helps a bunch & no air bubbles.

    Review of: Sun Watchband Compass