Doomsday Mystery Crate - Rugged Ammo Crate Packed with Assortment of Survival, Emergency, Outdoors, Bug-Out and Other Gear
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  • It's only a disaster if you don't prepare - turn "doomsday" into just another "ordinary day" with this gear-packed mystery crate
  • Rugged polymer ammo crate filled with variety of emergency, survival, outdoor and other sweet gear
  • Must-have for doomsday preppers, outdoorsmen and ordinary households - invaluable in any emergency, from power outage to apocalypse
  • Unbelievable value - pay less than 70 for 140 worth of gear
  • Makes a fantastic, no-hassle gift - even for yourself
  • Every item new, never opened, premium quality
  • No returns accepted

"Doomsday" or "ordinary day" - the difference can be just a matter of preparedness. Be it natural disaster, pandemic, grid failure, economic collapse or simply an extended power outage, there's no doubt about it - a catastrophe is coming your way. Will you be ready? Or will it spell your "doom?" Be ready with the Doomsday Mystery Crate - an O-ring-sealed, rugged polymer ammo case packed with a variety of outdoor, survival, tactical and emergency gear, as well as other assorted bug-out must-haves. But it's not just for doomsday preppers, survivalists and outdoorsmen. Every household needs at least one Doomsday Crate! After all, storms, power outages and other disasters affect everyone, whether you live in the suburbs or remote back country. Get one for every family member and every vehicle. Add it to any existing emergency supply shelter or crisis cache. Give them away as heartfelt-yet-practical gifts. Think you can't afford it? Think again! The Doomsday Mystery Crate represents an unbelievable value; for less than 70 bucks, you get an ammo crate and gear worth a combined 140! It's an amazing deal by anyone's standards, but it's especially a small price to pay when you consider the devastating, potentially "life-sized" costs of facing doomsday unprepared. Every item in the Doomsday Crate is top-quality, brand-new, never-opened, and - most fun - a "mystery!" Opening the Doomsday Mystery Crate for the first time is like opening a present on Christmas morn! Fittingly, this pre-stocked ammo crate makes a terrific, affordable, no-hassle gift for any occasion - Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays; birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more! Just don't forget to get at least one for yourself, too! You won't want to deny yourself this unbeatable opportunity to get the sweetest gear on the market at the most unheard of, rock-bottom prices ever! Missing out would spell "doom" for your wallet!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.70 out of 5
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Never disappointed Reviewed by Josh Strout on Oct 25, 2018   5 out of 5

I been buying items from budk for a few years. I started buying shtf boxes and I get 1 of each one every month and a knife of the month and have been doing this for a year. I have only seen one item in the boxes that didn't intrest me. But everything else is awesome and can't believe how much of the work they take out of this gearing up for any disaster or and accidents while out. I recommend you get a shtf box and see how well they get you ready. Thank you budk.

Mystery box Reviewed by on Aug 24, 2018   5 out of 5

I will admit I was very skeptical about these mystery boxes I've ordered them in the past was always disappointed so I took a chance on budke's $20 box what a great surprise to see quality stuff well worth the investment I'd advise all to take a chance on it I'm now upgrading to the $70 box and looking forward to itreceiving it

This is a great deal. Reviewed by John Taylor on Aug 16, 2018   5 out of 5

everything in here is very usable.I like all of it. ESPECIALLY the Wise food packet. Of course any rational person would have several sources of food for preppers. I don't want to limit myself to a constant 3 meals of the same food over and over.

Great Buy Reviewed by on Jun 25, 2018   4 out of 5

I have been waiting to order this item but I am glad I did order it. The items in the crate were at the cost of purchasing the crate plus you get the crate and the M8 ops fanny pack. The were a few repeats and some new items that I have not received before. I wish they would have put in some water purification tabs or water filtration straw. My only issue in the Wise foods do not have more calories in there food. There was a creamy vegetable pasta with 4 servings with 200 calories per serving. If I was in the woods I would need there some wild game to go along with that to survive. There is not enough calories!

Good Stuff Reviewed by on Jun 21, 2018   4 out of 5

I opened the box today and found a lot of good stuff just in case. A few are repeats but must will be used in a bug out bag. I checked on out the items on the website and it came to $57 plus the wise creamy veg pasta and a iwo jima beachhead folding knife. You also get the box and the fanny pack. Overall it is a great deal

Too Cool! Reviewed by Tory Jonas on Apr 05, 2018   5 out of 5

Absolutely, a must have for any gun owner period. Thanks BudK and all of your employee's.

Could Be a Mix Reviewed by Jack Madewell on Mar 24, 2018   4 out of 5

I ordered 2 of these and the ammo crates are small, which I like, for ammo use. Both crates had exactly the same things inside, which was a bit disappointing. The bags are small and green, I've do not have a problem with the color, but they are too small to attach to my backpacks. I have 2 more on the way, I want to see what they have to offer. I'm going to order one for my sister in FL. No telling when she will have to get out when the storms come through.

As Expected Reviewed by Jesus Dominguez on Mar 15, 2018   5 out of 5

When You buy this. everything is inside the ammo crate already including the bonus bag. The ammo crate is very durable. It actually have a locking system in both sides not just on one side which i recommend getting 2 locks for it. My bonus bag was rather dark green and not black as in the picture. I don't know why but I didn't mind. But you can't really place big or wide items in it but meh it still looks really nice. And lastly the extra items worth at least a 100$ is just like any 100$ mystery bag which they cost 50$ each. But you're just spending 20$ more just for the ammo crate and the bonus bag which it still a good deal. Other than that I got a bowie knife, iwo jima pocket knife, lantern flashlight, fishing rod, lighter, drinking flasks, duck tape, metal wires, survival Manual and a few other things oh yes and even food lol. I'm sure you'll find this useful later in the road if you buy this.

Nice Reviewed by on Feb 19, 2018   5 out of 5

So worth the money

Great deal, worth getting again Reviewed by matt Hardin on Dec 17, 2017   5 out of 5

I have bought a few of the mystery bags, they said each was different, they want.. But still you cant ever have enough. I was kinda thinking this would b the same. There was only one repeat item from the bags in this, and it had almost everything i was wanting from the bags. Pleasantly surprised I was. Great deal!!! Can't go wrong with this, and the crate will even fit under my truck seat.

1 - 10 of 10 Reviews (View All)