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Stylish and comfortable facemasks at phenomenal prices.

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You will find a variety of Facemasks, here, both practical and costume, to fit whatever activity you need to wear a facemask. We have fleece masks that cover the entire head and neoprene masks that cover the entire face to protect you from the elements. We also have masks for paintball and airsoft and highly detailed costume masks.


  • Do you have cold weather face protection?
    Yes, we have mil-spec balaclavas that cover the head and neck, leaving a large opening for the eyes. We have them in both wool and fleece and they can be worn in multiple ways.
  • What styles of facemasks do you have?
    We have facemasks with ties adjustable with a cord-lock, facemasks with ear loops, multi-functional loop scarves and shemaghs.
  • What’s a shemagh?
    A shemagh is a traditional Middle Eastern, large scarf that can be wrapped around the head, face and neck to protect against the harsh desert conditions. Over the years, they have become popular with military personnel.