Gil Hibben Large Triple Throwing Knife Set
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  • Three total throwing knives
  • One piece AUS-6 stainless steel construction
  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • Includes leather belt sheath
  • 11 5/16" overall length
  • 18" x 18" paper competition target

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This Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Set was designed by International Knife Throwing Hall of Fame member Gil Hibben. Each knife is constructed from one solid piece of AUS-6 stainless steel and the extra cuts and holes add a fantasy flare to these fully functional pieces.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.83 out of 5
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good knives, bad sheath Reviewed by John. B #8 on May 24, 2013   3 out of 5

I am a knife thrower who is twelve years old and these knives are pretty good because they are very well balanced and very heavy but the sheath is a total piece of crap. I had it for a while but one day the sheath busted open at the bottom with the knives in it! because of that sheath I almost cut open my leg! good knives, bad sheath.

Remote Snap Cutters Reviewed by KT the Knife Thrower on Apr 05, 2013   5 out of 5

Generally I buy real knives to throw. However, I was intrigued with Gil Hibben's tanto point throwers. Since the tanto point is known for penetration and snap cutting, I would not be using these knives to the fullest extent unless I snap cut something. A while back I was reading some stuff on John Bailey and how he saved a fellow soldier from a snake coming down a tree. He threw his Bowie killing the snake. Well, there is no snake in my garden and I have no desire killing any real snake anyway. The plastic snakes on Amazon are not all that cheap. So I looked into my tool box and found some 3/8" bugi cords. I got four pieces about ten inches long and tied a knot at one end. Knot being the snake head and the four snakes are then taped randomly onto the target board. After a few practice throws, I aimed at the head and released the knife. With a slight handle down stick (under rotation), the tanto point swiftly snap cut the heads off those tiny snakes. It was really fun. I high recommend these knifes and bugi cords if you are tired of throwing your knives at play cards, soda cans or plastic water bottles, etc.

Epic throwers Reviewed by LeighK on Mar 14, 2013   5 out of 5

Okay, I have to say these are definetly my newest fave throwing knives. Well-balanced and so solid! They stick in trees with little effort and they stick DEEP. I have no doubts that they could be a serious weapon if needed, and could also be used as a regular knife for self-defense or utilitarian purposes. Editor's Note: Thank you for your comments. We have removed a portion of the review which does not comply with our review guidelines.

Multi-purpose Reviewed by Kamui on Feb 28, 2013   5 out of 5

It's a nice heavy set of throwing knives that are guaranteed to sink right into their intended target. The best part though is the fact that they easily double for a fighting knife. To make the handle comfortable, you should wrap them with like paracord or something. Also with the weight, one could effectively create a rope dart with these things too. Very versatile when you start thinking about the things this set can do aside from being thrown. 5 stars all the way.

Hibben tanto throwers Reviewed by USMCSniper68 on Aug 23, 2011   5 out of 5

These are the best throwing knives ever! I have been throwing them for months at a tree trunk portion and it has eaten it up. These things are heavy but that just adds to the depth they sink in. They have hit steel beams blade first and come out with minor scratches. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Nice heavy set Reviewed by Brian on Jun 04, 2011   5 out of 5

Bought these because I wanted a larger set of throwing knives. They are big and heavy, great for bashing through anything! I even had a few stick through the wood with the handle. Had to get use to their size since I threw 6" knives.

Large Triple Set Reviewed by Matthew on Apr 22, 2011   5 out of 5

This is the set to have. When I first bought throwers I started small and that was the problem. Gil Hibben and United Cutlery products are unmatched in quality. There will be no bends or breaks unless thrown improperly. Good weight and balance and fully functional knife. Sheath is lame but oh well, I'm throwing them not carrying them around. Thanks Budk, out of the box sharp!

Best Throwers Out There Reviewed by Brian Obrecht on Feb 08, 2011   5 out of 5

These are the best throwers I have seen. I have (and use) over 3 dozen throwing knives and have put these through their paces for over 2 years. One of the best parts about them are the holes in the handle. They are perfectly placed to allow you to change the balance of the knife to spinless throwing and to keep your added weight securely attached to the handle. The broader tip makes them less likely to break. I have had ex-marines and power throwers abuse these knives against targets and they have held up.

Gil Hibben Large Triple Throwing Knife Set Reviewed by Steve Caparelli on Jan 06, 2011   5 out of 5

Best set of knives I've ever seen for the price! Almost 11.5" long 10.5 oz. each. Close to the 1oz. per inch of a professional knife. 3/16" thick. 1 sharp edge so useful beyond throwing. Look like handle throwers but good blade throwers with correct grip. Will last for years with a little care. Use a sturdy target these great knives will eat up a 1 by plank quickly.

Great Throwers Reviewed by 1967redrider on Dec 29, 2010   5 out of 5

I picked these up and a set of the small competition throwers. I have to say I'm way better, both in sticking the point and accuracy, with these knives. Well balanced and well built. Use these for practice instead of beating up your pricier collectable knives. Great edge too, very sharp!

1 - 10 of 12 Reviews (View All)