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Leather, felt, and tarp hats to fit any style.

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Leather adventurers, historical reproductions and boonies are just some of the Hats you’ll find at We have a selection to choose from that will fit your need whether it's for dress, work or recreation.


  • What styles of hats do you have?
    We have a selection of hats that includes Civil War replicas, bush-style hats and costume hats, plus, we also carry replica hat pins.
  • Are your replica hats good quality?
    No question about quality, here! Our replica hats are historically accurate reproductions crafted from premium felt material and wool with exceptional attention to details.
  • What’s a tarp hat?
    A Brazilian tarp hat is a great, one-of-a-kind accessory to add to your outdoors gear. Each hat is crafted of recycled truck tarp and has a shapeable brim with wire pulled from actual truck tires. The rough and tough hats have a unique weathered look due to the tarp’s rugged journey through the harsh elements of Brazil.