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Regular upkeep and maintenance is necessary to both your knife’s performance and lifespan. carries the best knife tool kits and accessories to keep your blade from falling short, including storage cases, knife lubricant, lanyards, and, of course, portable knife sharpeners. With our selection, it’s never been easier to keep your knife safe-to-carry at a price you can afford.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Bob

    I've used Arkansas stones for years and this handy little tool just became my go to. Took it out of the package and started working on two knives I received with it. One a $2.98 special with an edge so rolled over that you could have tripped over it. Took my time and have a nice sharp, polished edge. The second blade only needed a few passes through the slots to finish a razors edge on that one. Love this tool!

    Review of: Lansky Blademedic 3-in-1 Tactical Sharpener

  • Josh

    This is one of the best items for storing knives. It's compact and sleek. It looks nice and doesn't cause suspicion when, for say, lying around in a bedroom.

    Review of: United Cutlery Large Pocket Knife Storage Case

  • Michael

    Great addition to the Lansky sharpener. I used it to strop a dull knife I had bought. after I was done using both the sharpener and strop the knife was shaving sharp.

    Review of: Kriegar Double Sided Paddle Strop

  • Mark

    Recently purchased a used Kit Rae sword, when it arrived the blade was so tarnished some spots almost looked black. Purchased metal glo on the recommendation of Kit Rae web site, Because blade was so dirty I had to apply 3 times but after that blade was back to mirror finish! I was pleasantly surprised, My only warning is if you are a serious collector is buy more than one tube save yourself some time because your going to want all you blades to look this good. Excellent product, you will not be disappointed.

    Review of: Metal Glo Polishing Paste

  • Dave

    I have owned several sharpening stones, this one ranks up there pretty high. The arkansas stone is really good for a fine edge. Pretty good combination for the price.

    Review of: Smith's 2 Stone Sharpening Kit