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Top Customer Reviews

  • Bobby

    Its so good not only do I want to keep the $9.99 deal but also upgrade to the $24.99 Knife of the month deal!! Please respond.

    Review of: Knife of the Month Club
  • Delmar

    Each and every month I am amazed with the products I'm sent. It's Christmas each month. Thank you Budk

    Review of: Knife Of The Month Pro Box
  • Jason

    I've been participating in the knife of the month for about a year. I have always gotten my moneys worth even if I wasn't too thrilled with the knife, but this is a mystery deal and its part of the fun. My absolute favorites that have blown me away were my first knife was a bushmaster saw back machete with accompanying folder and this months which was a nice SOA Zulu fighter. I got my first karambit knife which i wasn't too pleased with at first but came to love it and buy another of the exact same one. I've gotten a dull K-bar that needed to be worked into a usable blade. I've mostly gotten folders that I have put to good use, with that being said last month was a bummer. A very small folder, couldn't really cut through the thick rope or raw hide I'm use to cutting but it did make a nice exacto knife and letter opener when I needed it. I've only been disappointed once and that was a small fixed blade I found on other sights at buy one get one for $10. With that being said my first knife and this months knife are both $30 and BudK sells the latest one for $29. For the price you can't go wrong, Ive found a use for each knife and one ( a Japanese inspired folder) wasn't my style but made a great gift. I highly recommend this product. I'm a knife enthusiast and outdoors man but if your just starting and want to have a nice collection and learn about the different types of knives the Knife of the Month is a good place to start.

    Review of: Knife of the Month Club
  • Jacob

    This month I received a very neat little EDC pocket knife. Very high quality Damascus blade, and overall very well built knife. I received the knife a few weeks ago and its been in my pocket ever since. Can't wait for next month to see what I get!

    Review of: Knife Of The Month Pro Box
  • Ramsey

    Came in a timely manner and products retail for more than the price. I will continue with this club for a while.

    Review of: Knife of the Month Club