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  • What does full-tang mean?
    The tang of a knife is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. A full-tang knife has the handle pieces or scales attached to each side of the tang to form the handle of the knife. In contrast, a half-tang knife has a tang that only extends halfway into the handle.
  • What is an ulu knife?
    This type of all-purpose knife originally came from the Eskimos, who used it for everything from skinning animals to building an igloo. The knife has a wide, curved blade with a handle which runs parallel to the blade. The ulu is used with a back and forth rocking motion, making it great for use in the kitchen to chop and cut meats and vegetables.
  • Where did the butterfly knife come from?
    Also known as a balisong, the butterfly knife got its start in the Philippines as a self-defense and utility pocket knife. It gained popularity in the United States when soldiers returned from the Philippines after W.W.II.
  • Why do I need a knife sharpener?
    A knife will serve you well for many years if you keep it properly sharpened. Also, a blunt or dull knife requires more pressure to use, which opens the door to it slipping and causing injury. What you want is a sharpener system that offers a couple of different grit options. The grit is the size of the particles in the stone, which affects the finish on your blade – a finer grit giving you a finer finish.
  • What does “feed your blade” mean?
    It means that to maintain your knife, you should coat it with a clear, non-organic oil to prevent moisture from reaching the blade, when storing. A light oil like gun oil works perfectly but it should be changed regularly by wiping the blade clean with a soft cloth until dry and applying more.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Matt

    This Blade is Phenomenal, I love it so much and it is a fantastic piece added to my collection!!

    Review of: M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife with Custom Vortec Sheath
  • Terry

    I am 2 months into my subscription and I'm loving it! It's just great fun tracking the package in my mail and getting excited to see what they sent! It's a new knife surprise every month. Gotta love that. Thanks for the great idea!

    Review of: Knife of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription
  • James

    I bought one and it arrived in less than a week with std free shipping. After examining the set I ordered two more as birthday presents for my sons. They are both over 35. The short sword has some flex. I haven't tried to break it but it appears to be very tough, The grip is OK with one hand and there is room for two hands. I have sharpened the knife and the steel seems to be hard and the edge seems good. I used a diamond coarse and fine 6 x1 " Well worth $30. BUDK has another winner.

    Review of: USMC Blackout Fighter Knife And Combat Sword Set
  • Myron

    This is a solid, thick blade, my wife just "borrowed" it again, will order more.

    Review of: Colombian Raptor® Machete
  • Grant

    This is the 3rd knife from Honshu that I have bought. Just like the first two knives I picked up,this knife over delivers! I definitely got more than my money's worth! This is a beast of a knife! The execution and quality at this price point is amazing. It's as beautiful as it is functional and I would not hesitate to recommend Honshu knives to anyone looking for a high quality blade at a great price.

    Review of: Honshu Boshin Kukri with Genuine Leather Belt Sheath