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A collectors dream come true, Military Surplus at great prices!

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Armed Forces, whether United States or other, offer a great opportunity that many folks overlook – great, readily available survival gear. has a large selection of Military Surplus items to choose from including gasmasks, field jackets, helmets, rucksacks, rifle slings and mess kits. Our military surplus items are also perfect for militaria collectors as we have gear from a variety of countries and from different decades including WWII. looks for Military Surplus gear that is unique and useful and prides itself on stocking items that can’t be found anywhere else and are in generally good condition. Shop our collection today and you will find items, you can add to your survival gear, that are reasonably priced, and all backed by our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!


  • What do you have in military surplus?
    Our stock of military surplus includes everything from gas masks and helmets to bags and bandoliers.
  • What kind of helmets do you have?
    We have previously issued helmets from militaries of different countries and from different eras.
  • What’s a military “cricket”?
    During WWII, US Paratroopers were issued a “cricket”, which made a specific clicking sound when it was pressed. This allowed the other Airborne troops to identify each other in the darkness of night.