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  • How long has Rampage been around?
    Taking everyday carry to a new level of performance, Rampage has been on the market since 2010 with innovative designs and construction that have put them ahead of their competitors. Each pocket knife has an incredibly sharp blade, crafted in high-quality steel, and a tough handle packed with extra features. Smooth assisted opening mechanisms allow quick and seamless deployment of the blades, making them extremely efficient and effective for a variety of tasks.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    Rampage EDC pocket knives include ball bearing opening knives and assisted opening knives with tactical designs, workhorse designs and skeletonized designs. These knives can go from backyard to battleground. When you have a Rampage in your hand, you know you have a pocket knife you can count on to get the job done!
  • What kind of products from Rampage do you have?
    The Rampage knives that we carry include fast-opening stilettos, aerodynamic tactical knives, lightweight EDCs and heavy-duty workhorses with hefty blades.