Historical yet elegant replica guns at great prices.

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We have a collection of Replica Guns that includes non-firing and muzzle-loading replicas of historical rifles and pistols. Each reproduction was crafted to be absolutely true to the firearm it represents with incredible details making it indistinguishable from the original.


  • What are some of the gun replicas that you have to offer me?
    We have incredibly detailed reproductions including the Pepperbox Revolver, the Thompson M1928, the M1860 Navy Issue Revolver, the Brown Bess Flintlock and the M3 Grease Gun.
  • Are these working replica firearms?
    No, the replica guns in this category are non-firing reproductions that are for display only.
  • Do any of these replicas have moving parts?
    Although, our replica guns are non-firing, many of them offer realistic features like removable magazines, functional hammers and triggers and revolving cylinders.