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    • Isaac seymore (Riverside California) - Freaking awesome knives!!

      These are among the best and coolest knives I have ever purchased! They come really sharp straight from the package. They feel amazing in in my hands. As for the smaller one, I put it in my survival kit (that I bought from budk, also awesome) and carry the larger knife everywhere I go. I have bought much more expensive knives from bud k and let me tell you, these ones work just as well! I put them through the same tests I always put the more expensive ones through and they held up just fine.

      Review of: Ridge Runner® EMT Assisted Open Folder Set

    • Kaity (North Carolina) - EMT rescue knife

      By far one of my favorites from Budk! I was skeptical on the quality of the knife when I saw the price, however was never once disappointed by it. It came as described, stays sharp and sharpens easily when needed, it's durable and I'm pleased to say it stays secured wherever I clip it - whereas the clip on many pocket knives tend to be less sturdy than the blade and can come detached a little too easily. I carry one with me all the time; I work outdoors so it comes in super handy. I've given at least half a dozen as gifts. Great to carry with you or leave in your car. This little rescue blade is more than worth the money!!

      Review of: Ridge Runner Black Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

    • Lance (Florida) - very good knife

      Decent knife for the price. Screws have the habit of backing theirselves out, I've secured mine with lock tight and haven't had a problem since.

      Review of: Ridge Runner Black Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

    • Gerry (Cologne, NJ) - Great Knife

      Good knife for the price. Be aware of the fact that many areas of our Country consider assisted-opening knives to be "switchblades", and since this knife is NOT assisted-opening---things are cool! Also, like where I live (New Jersey), blade-length is another consideration (can't be more than 3.5 inches). Keeping those issues in mind, this is a good and legal-to-carry knife and a useful tool if needed.

      Review of: Ridge Runner Black Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

    • Craig Lemmon (Texas) - Timber Wolf knife

      Over the years I have made it a policy to carry knives that I give to first responders, friends etc. This knife has been met with rave reviews from everyone who has gotten one. Best bang for the buck I have seen in a long time. Liked them so well I ordered over 100 of them

      Review of: Timber Wolf Assist Rescue Black Folding Knife

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