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  • New cache of survival gear delivered to your house each month
  • Everything in the primary and Pro Boxes + more higher valued gear
  • Guaranteed value of more than $120
  • Cancel or renew at any time day or night through MyAccount page
  • *Shipping is not included

You want survival and prepper gear but don't want to have to constantly scour our catalog looking for the best stuff? Sign up for our SHTF Mystery Gear ELITE monthly subscription for only $89.99 per month. You'll be delivered everything in the primary and pro level SHTF Gear boxes, plus more higher priced gear at a guaranteed value of more than $120 for all of the gear you'll receive. Do you like knives and other cutting tools? You're going to get some! Each month you'll be conveniently mailed another box with no work searching through the internet for the best survival gear ever again! And if you ever decide you don't want the most awesome deal in survival gear ever, you can cancel at any time in your MyAccount page.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.71 out of 5
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I look forward every month Reviewed by Robert Prinzing on Oct 02, 2018   5 out of 5

I really look forward to getting this every month. Most items are really useful. That being said, it is a mystery what you will get. You may not like everything that’s in it every month, but that’s the fun in it. What I don’t want, I send to my adult children, who love it all. Nothing goes to waste or is unwanted.

FIRST BOX Reviewed by Taron Otte on Jan 03, 2018   5 out of 5

Everything in this box was great very useful items all went into my survival closet well worth the money

Hit or miss... Reviewed by Albert Emery on Jul 23, 2017   4 out of 5

This was my fourth month with the elite subscription and the first two months were great. They came with a very nice primary weapon- an axe and machete, a secondary weapon- a dagger and a utility knife, and the rest were mainly things that would be great in a sh!t hit the fan (shtf) type situation, very few novelty items. The next two months I would rate at two stars. Mainly novelty items and very few actually useful things. My $20 presidents pick was a Kissing Crane Tennessee Whiskey pocket knife and the very next month the box came with a $25 Kissing Crane Tennessee Whiskey pocket knife. In June the knife that came with my box was not the knife pictured on the 'what's in the box' card, it was worse. The July box was a complete waste after the $20 subscription level. In theory a first aid kit would be nice in a shtf situation but for what it came with, not worth $30. So like I said- hit or miss.

The Elite box Reviewed by Mark Newton on Jun 24, 2017   5 out of 5

My first Elite box for the month of June and it was absolutely fantastic very nice I am going to try again for July great job bud k keep up the good work

My Third Box Reviewed by on Jun 22, 2017   4 out of 5

Everything was great but the stuff that came in the Elite part of the box. The zippo lighter for me was a dud but for other's it could be a hit. The president's pick was another dud which was a kissing crane knife that had a spoon, fork and a knife and is very heavy.

I look so forward to this package every month! Reviewed by Scott Singer on Jun 20, 2017   4 out of 5

So I'm going on my third month on the Elite Box and cannot say enough about it. I wanted to send my feedback on my boxes in hopes that someone from Budk actually reads it. Like I said I really love getting this thing. It's like xmas for the adult. I've gotten a bunch of rad stuff and I'm not complaining about value or quality. My only gripe is that I now have two fists full of various pocket knives, survival knives, boot knifes.. etc please please please change it up a bit. Anything cool. Crossbow? Utility Shovel, Blow Darts,.. I'm putting my faith in this one more month guys to be fair. Love what I have received up to this point, but it's all very similar. See what comes in next month. I'll update everyone with the next box contents.

Even Better This Time Reviewed by michael blucher on May 25, 2017   5 out of 5

This was my second box and it was better than the last one. The M-48 axe was the best item in box. I also ordered an M 48 bug out mystery bag!

3 elite boxes now Reviewed by Erik Hagen on Apr 23, 2017   5 out of 5

I have now gotten 3 elite boxes and I am very impressed, some of the things in the box I had already gotten on my own but any duplicates make GREAT gifts for friends so nothing goes to waste and my friends love me for it. To anyone thinking about joining the SHTF club go with the elite box, you will not be disappointed. Each box has new and exciting items, some of which I would never have known about on my own, and each box seems to play on the boxes before it to continue to fill out your stash and bug out bags. They don't just throw random crap items they got good deals on in each box, they put thought into what goes into each, with the elite box you always get a blade of some sort which I do sharpen myself but thats just because I am picky about having a super sharp edge, each blade comes ready to use but can benefit from a little time with a good sharpening system (i use spyderco try-angle and a strop to finish). Also a bag of some sort is included so you can organize and set up bags for different situations, I have a bug out bag, a normal sit in the car travel bag and a camping bag. They also include long shelf life food items that so many times people overlook as well as water pacification options. I thought maby I would only want one or 2 months worth but I find my self not being able to wait to see what in next months box. I have used other monthly subscriptions services and this one is by far the best quality gear.

A Good Buy Reviewed by on Apr 16, 2017   4 out of 5

I have received several mystery bags and they were hit or miss. I am much more pleased with the Elite box, there were only a couple things that I have already. This would be a great way for some one who wants to start prepping or start on a killer bug out bag.

Worth a Try!!! Reviewed by Bradford Combs on Mar 23, 2017   5 out of 5

I have now received 2 Elite Boxes of SHTF. I can tell you I am not disappointed at all. Of course there are some things that I will not ever need like a booby trap book with explosives and hand grenades. But everything else if I cant use it in everyday life it defiantly fits in my bugout bags or in the stash. Will get a couple more boxes and see how it goes. Overall I am satisfied with the Elite Boxes.

1 - 10 of 14 Reviews (View All)