Schrade First Generation OTF Assisted Opening Spear Point Pocket Knife - Gray
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  • Closest legal knife to a switchblade
  • 3” titanium coated 4116 stainless blade
  • Blade ejects straight out from handle
  • Lightning fast - great for emergencies
  • Lightweight yet tough, no-slip Zytel handle
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Closed length: 4 3/5"; also includes pocket clip, glass breaker

The closest you’ll get to a switchblade without breaking the law, the Schrade OTF Assisted Opening Pocket Knife fires its razor-sharp spear point blade out the front at lightning speed. It’s an impressive, dramatic spectacle that gives you the quickest possible one-handed access to your blade when you need it most - self-defense, cutting fishing line from an over-stressed rod harness, severing parachute cord and countless other emergencies. If you’re trapped in a wrecked car or burning building, use the integrated glass breaker to save yourself and others. Its lightweight-yet-tough construction and ease-of-carry, with the included pocket clip, make the Schrade OTF a perfect “go-to” pocket knife, as well, suited for most day-to-day cutting jobs. Like a switchblade, the Schrade OTF’s 3” titanium-coated 4116 stainless steel blade ejects straight out of the knife handle using a trigger and spring mechanism. But it does so at a less-than-deadly force, distinguishing it from its illegal counterparts. As a further precaution, the Schrade OTF includes a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, so you can enjoy peace-of-mind no matter where you take it or how you carry it - pants pocket, belt or. The durable, slip-resistant Zytel handle thwarts cutting blunders and unintentional injuries. At this affordable price - the lowest you’ll find anywhere - there’s no reason not to stock up! Get one to carry everyday, one for your tackle box and one for your car or RV. Don’t forget friends, family and coworkers! The Schrade OTF makes a great gift for campers, survivalists, preppers, farmers, or anyone who may one day need its superior cutting power and breakneck speed - virtually anyone, in other words! Measures 7 1/2” overall.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.49 out of 5
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I bought another... Reviewed by Nathan Moreno on Apr 13, 2018   5 out of 5

Hey Bud K, I like the knife. At work, I had been carrying it in my pocket all day and messed it up. It was full of tobacco, dirt and lint---so I washed it and dried it (OTF First Gen. Black) on top of the charbroiler. Needless to say, I had to buy another one, because the handle is not flame-resistant to 400°F. And direct and prolonged contact with degreaser will warp it. But, I like this knife a lot. I just got the Gray OTF. It doesn't matter if it can "punch a hole through a stop sign", as my friend suggested. I stabbed it through a Pet Taxi (no animals harmed), Rubber Maid trashcan and cut tow rope with it---so far. Great quality knife, sturdy enough for everyday work and also a good defense knife. I got lucky that it was on sale! Thanks Bud K!

OK for the price Reviewed by Mark Blevins on Apr 06, 2018   4 out of 5

I have to admit when I opened it I thought, well there is money wasted. It's not a bad knife. Lightweight, some practice and you can open it with one hand. So as long as it holds together, I guess I will be satisfied.

First otf knife...thumbs up Reviewed by Joel Estabrook on Jan 05, 2018   5 out of 5

Just received the knife today and I absolutely love it!...very sleek and sharp of my best buys off of Budk and totally recommend it

first OTF knife, but great IMO Reviewed by on Mar 11, 2017   5 out of 5

I don't understand the poor reviews. I don't have any other OTF knives, but this one performs exactly as advertised and I like it a lot. I've been carrying it every day for a month, using the pocket clip, and I haven't had any issues. I made a point to open and close it several times a day, to get used to it, and found the mechanism easy to manipulate. It might have loosened up a bit after a few hundred cycles. No complaints, and with a little bit of work I put a very nice edge on the blade.

great EDC Reviewed by john e brown on Oct 30, 2016   5 out of 5

I love this knife, its easy to use razor sharp & light weight. you cant go wrong for the quality & price , its my new EDC.

Love It Reviewed by Vicki Lindsay on Oct 22, 2016   5 out of 5

Despite the negative reviews here, I also looked up reviews elsewhere and found the knife reviewed better. I love this knife. It does take some practice for one handed operation. And yes, the handle is a plastic like material, however, it's also $20 and the material keeps the knife lighter. I love love the spring assisted opening and the side locking mechanism. I found it on other sites listed at a much higher price. Mine has functioned fine. So much so, that several of the guys I work with had me order them one as well. I'm amazed at people who complain about this knife. If you do not like upon receipt, send it back. It's really that simple. If it fails due to manufacturer defect, send it back. Again, you're not spending a lot on this knife so you need to bear that in mind. BUDK has excellent customer service. For me it was a great addition to my collection.

Best knife ever Reviewed by Doc Chambers on Jun 18, 2016   5 out of 5

If properly trained with this cheap little knife you can grab it off the clip from your pocket hold it upside down to crack a skull with the glass breaker and pop the switch with your thumb to shoot the blade out of the bottom of your fist for split second stabbing. If needed that is. I have bought and lost five of these because I keep it clipped inside the small fifth pocket of my jeans witch allows me to pull it very fast and lose it in tall brush.

Decent Reviewed by Shane Keelinghamm on May 02, 2016   4 out of 5

I would say it was worth what I paid for it and I thought i was getting a deal. says last price was 56$ and I paid around 20 for it. Was really tiny minus what the reviews said the blade was a bit shy of 3 inches when I measured it if that helps. I have a 6$ flick out knife that's bigger. Wasn't really sharp as I could rub my finder across the blade and not cut my finger. The knife has a spring that makes it similar to a switch blade which I liked. I wish the handle had a little more grip even though its current grip is fine. Overall was worth the buy for me.

Okay knife Reviewed by shayne morgan on Aug 11, 2015   5 out of 5

The plastic is good but don't be extremely rough with it I fear it may break. But I like it for.everyday stuff opening sealed bag an such.

great for the money Reviewed by on Jul 07, 2015   5 out of 5

It may not be the best OTF knife mechanism made but for the price it has worked well for me and with over 100 knives it is my regular carry for the last year or so. I didnt want to spend $40 for a pocket knife as I tend to lose them, plus didn't know if I'd like an OTF or not so this was perfect and to my surprise it was well worth it. If you practice opening and closing it one handed you'll get used to it. Just keep away from the sharp side of the blade while retracting it, if you slip it will pop right back out. The little pivoting lever on the blade doesn't do much for locking the blade, you have to use the lock on the side or it will open and cut right through your pocket. Blade is what I'd expect from Schrade, easy to sharpen and holds a good edge.

1 - 10 of 35 Reviews (View All)