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Built for combat and duty whether it’s on the homefront or abroad, tactical pocket knives are the companions that will back you up when you need it most. From assisted opening tactical folding knives to combat field knives, has tactical pocket knives from your favorite brands with a durability and value you can trust.

Top Customer Reviews

    • Jim (Mount Shasta, Ca) - Blondie

      I just love these big framelocks. Smooth and fast and sharp right out of the box. It rides in the pocket low and unobtrusive and removes from the pocket smooth with no snags. If you like large folders, get this one. I have them all!! A way cool knife.

      Review of: Mikkel Willumsen Blondie Framelock Pocket Knife

    • Ben Has not failed me

      This is pretty much my favorite knife. The assisted opening mechanism is flawless, it looks real cool, and it comes with an edge that has been able to cut anything I throw at it. If you want a knife you can show off and also have it work well, this should definitely go on your list.

      Review of: Smith & Wesson Black Ops Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Blue Tanto

    • Rron (Va.) - Favorite

      I purchased a pair of these knives and 2 Smith & Wesson knives. The Patriot is by far my favorite knife. I love the way you hardly have to push the blade forward and it opens so fast with very little effort. The blade sharpens very well and keeps it's edge.

      Review of: Ridge Runner Dont Tread On Me

    • William (Chicago) - Good knives, good value

      You can't beat getting two good knives for 10 bucks, especially when you catch a free or 1¢ shipping promo. I checked other sites & TRUST me, this is the best value. Although they are not of the very highest quality, you're also not paying prices that START at $30+ for one knife. These knives come sharp from BudK. The assisted opening is very nice. You won't be disappointed. Lastly, BudK customer service has been great every time I deal with them.

      Review of: Ridge Runner Firefighter Assisted-Open Folder Set

    • Gunnar (Minnesota) - not too shabby

      Alright, I just got this knife. It is by far the largest folder ive owned. It came with a nice sturdy belt holster. The handle is nice and comfy, and the blade is sharp and heavy duty. Two things have me thinking though. first is, the blade does not had a quick open tab, meaning you have to really press your thumb into the blood groove to open it. Second is a somewhat teardrop shaped piece of metal that goes into the handle in the back bottom or side, and is pushed out by a button on the knife. not sure what it is for, but otherwise i like this knife!

      Review of: AK Folding Knife