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Brass Paperweight


Solid, heavy brass knuckles for sale at solid prices. Also commonly called knuckle dusters, these feature solid metal construction with various designs. Pack a punch from our classic heavy-duty brass knuckles, Paper Weight Brass Knuckle, or our Keychain Brass Knuckle Trench Bottle Opener. Whatever self-defense tool you use, we have you covered!

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Brass Knuckles are a unique way to add some power to your punch. Sometimes called "knuckle dusters" or "knucks" these pieces of metal or even hard polymer can be easily carried in a pocket and gripped to add a knock out force to your punch. The legality of carrying brass knuckles is always a hot topic. We recommend to check with your state legislature before carrying brass knuckles or any other type of device designs to increase the power of a punch.


  • Are brass knuckles legal?
    As laws are different from state to state, make sure to check with your state legislature before purchasing your brass knuckles. As some states or cities prohibit possession of brass knuckles.
  • Why are they deemed illegal in some places?
    When it comes down to it, brass knuckles are a bludgeoning weapon and the real damage they can do has been underestimated and unintentionally fatal in some cases. This has put them on the lethal weapons list in some countries and U.S. states.
  • Do brass knuckles hurt your hand?
    Brass knuckles with proper technique will minimize any damage that could cause harm to your hand.
  • Are brass knuckles good for self-defense?
    Brass knuckles are specifically designed to add power to your punch through the added weight to your fist and the solid metal casing around your knuckles. They are also wearable and very easy to carry.
  • Have brass knuckles ever been issued to the military?
    No, not traditional brass knuckles. However, during W.W.I, the United States Army issued two models of knuckle knives, also called “trench knives”, which are knives with knuckle rings built into the handle.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Matt
    My favorite pair

    I am a collector of only brass made knuckles and these are my favorite pair. Ive bought a pair of ergonomically fitted ones for $135.00 and while they do fit better, I love that these are the classics, fit very well, and have the perfect weight. These are like a doorknob, the real deal! Pick up a piece of history here!

    Review of: Brass Knuckles
  • Steve
    Paper is TAKEN CARE OF

    This "Paper Weight" is excellent, it allowed my to definitely TCB.... That paper will not blow away, EVER... BUDK is for sure my place to get my blades and similar items... Thanks guys...

    Review of: Non-Reflective Black Knuckles
  • jacob

    I received this yesterday and was very impressed it has good weight and fits in your hand well, i recommend getting this.

    Review of: Lucky Eagle Paperweight
  • John
    Great Product for The Price

    I just purchased two. Very good quality. They have a great weight to them.

    Review of: Knuckle Buster Sling Shot
  • Holli
    BEST keychain EVER

    I had this key chain for years until someone stole it from me, and I've been trying to get another one! I'll def be ordering at least 2, one for me and one for my Mom!!

    Review of: Black Cat Self Defense Keychain