Date Published: 2013-06-28

Double Barrell Knife Slingshot Shoots Knives Insanely Fast

When you were growing up as a kid there probably were a lot of things you wanted that you couldn’t have. The top three on the list were most likely a gun, a slingshot and a knife. One man’s childhood obsession for all things sharp and fast lives on into adulthood. Jörg Sprave of Dortmund, Germany operates the Slingshot Channel which is famed for shooting anything from a slingshot – including machetes. Sprave created the Web site and YouTube channel as only a hobby, but has produced some really cool gadgets to date.

His latest creation is a double-barrel knife launcher which attaches to the underside of the barrel on an M16 rifle. Sprave says to think of it as a “double bayonet launcher with capabilities of launching them up to 6 feet.” I don’t know about you, but if I was ever in combat and needed to use a bayonet, I’d rather have an attacker 6 feet away than right on the end of my gun! While his invention will likely never see combat, it is rather amazing how much force is behind each of these knives which can be launched one at a time or both at once. The short boot knives he uses in the video practically disappear into the watermelon he uses as a target. Check out the video below:

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