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Date Published: 2015-10-07

Top Five Sword Fails

Sword Fail
Sword Fail

By Adelia Ladson

Ok folks, on cruising through the internet, it is completely unbelievable the things that you will find that people will do with their swords. And I'm not talking about experienced professionals who really know what they're doing, I'm talking about people who just really, really shouldn't. Please, don't be one of these people.

1. Do not attempt to slice anything out of someone’s mouth, from between their fingers or off the top of their head with your sword. In fact, don’t swing a sword at anyone unless it is your intention to inflict damage on them, which means it probably should be a life or death situation.

2. Do not swing your sword around in your home, especially, under your light fixtures. This could be the cause of either your divorce or your death.

3. Do not set your sword on fire and attempt to do tricks or cut things with it or you may have to use that fire insurance.

4. Do not hold on to the fruit that you are attempting to cut with your sword. Generally, keep your fingers and hand out of the way of the blade unless you want to draw back a nub.

5. Do not forget that bladed instruments are, for the most part, very sharp and can cut you if you don’t show them the proper respect and if you don't know what you're doing.

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