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Date Published: 2013-05-08

Lord of the Rings Collectibles Re-leased from United Cutlery

Lord Of The Rings Swords
Lord Of The Rings Swords
It’s been ten years since the last movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy was released, but that doesn’t mean Tolkien fans have stopped collecting movie memorabilia. The 2012 release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has brought new life to the Lord of the Rings collectible market. So much so that we sold out of all of our Lord of the Rings swords before The Hobbit was even released. Now, United Cutlery has decided to re-release some of their most popular items. The Second Age Gondorian War Shield and the Helm of Sauron are two of those items we hope to have in stock soon. Each of these items is available for pre-order now so you can be assured to get yours before we sell out. We already have more than 70 pre-orders for the shield and will only get about 100 total in stock. So, be sure to pre-order yours today before they’re all gone!

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