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Kissing Crane 2020 Masonic Trapper Pocket Knife


A large variety of mason gifts at great prices.

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We have a collection of Mason Gifts perfect for the Mason in your life for any occasion. You can find pocket knives, jewelry, swords and more. All of the pieces are handsome and well-crafted to reflect the spirit of this legendary organization.


  • What type of gifts do you have for a Mason?
    Our collection of Mason gifts are perfect for any occasion. We have seal rings, swords and tribute pocket knives.
  • Are the Masonic symbols on these products accurate?
    Absolutely! All of our Masonic gift items were expertly and accurately crafted to pay tribute to this legendary organization.
  • What are Masons?
    The Masons or Freemasons is a fraternal organization that dates back to around the end of the 14th Century with their origins in the stone masons of that time. This organization requires its members to live based on a code of highest ethics and moral standards and charity work is an essential part of being a Freemason.