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How to Assemble A Cobra Pistol Crossbow

Assembly of A Cobra Pistol Crossbow

1. Insert bow into stock to the white line. Take care that the pressure pad is between the bow and bow retainer screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

2. Feed the string to loop on left of bow. Hold the right end of the bow with your right hand and string with your left hand. With a friend’s help- bend the right end of the bow and slip the string loop over it. Inspect the string to ensure the string fits snugly into the bow slots.

3. Hold the crossbow with your left hand, pull the cocking arm down to cock the crossbow. The safety latch will auto engage. Return the arm to its original position. You are now ready to place the bolt.

4. Place the bolt on the track. Make sure the bolt is snug against the trigger mechanism.

5. Release the safety mechanism. The crossbow is now ready to fire. WARNING: DO NOT AIM AT PEOPLE.

6. Adjust the sight right or left by turning the adjustment screw clockwise or counter-clockwise. Adjust the elevation screw clockwise for high shots, counter-clockwise for low shots.

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