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We have Black Powder Rifles perfect for hunting including replica muzzleloaders and the popular CVA long-range rifles.Whether you're taking it out to just shoot or looking to bring down that buck, a black powder rifle is fun to shoot. It's an experience unlike a modern firearm and no FFL is required to purchase it.


  • Are black powder rifles accurate?
    Most modern black powder, also called muzzleloader, rifles can shot 2.5” groups or smaller at 100 yards. This is more than accurate enough to enter a white-tailed deer’s 6” kill zone.
  • What is the farthest I can shoot a black powder rifle?
    For most ethical hunters, 200 yards would be the max range of a black powder rifle. However, some new muzzleloading rifles from CVA like the Paramount pro can shoot accurately up to 450 yards.
  • How do you clean a black powder rifle?
    You should use non-petroleum based solvents to clean your muzzleloader rifle. Use a patch saturated with bore cleaner in your rifle bore, and then follow with a dry patch. Perform this sequence multiple times until the patches are clean upon removal from the barrel.
  • Why would you hunt with a black powder rifle?
    Black powder rifles offer an earlier hunting season than modern firearms in most states. Some states do not offer a firearm season at all, or the firearm season is only a few days long. Thus, muzzeloading hunting allows for more time in the woods, with a longer lethal range than archery equipment.